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The accreditation review occurs every seven years, and the last review for Incarnate Word Academy was in March 2023. The accreditation process helps schools recognize success areas as well as identify areas where improvement may be possible. The accreditation review aligns with Incarnate Word Academy's commitment to strive for excellence in providing a high standard of academic success and faith formation for our students.

As a result of its strong academic performance and demonstrated dedication to the faith community, Incarnate Word Academy is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, AdvancEd, and the Texas Education Agency through the Accreditation Commission of the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department.

Incarnate Word Academy is also a member of the National Catholic Educational Association, which provides additional leadership, direction, and service to initiatives.

Comments From the Last Accreditation Team

The administrative team and faculty/staff have worked diligently to align the curriculum.

The Mission of the school permeates every facet of the educational community.

The school provides an array of extracurricular activities for students.

The school community has established a clear expectation for academic excellence and has succeeded in communicating that expectation to students and the parents/guardians. The realization of this expectation is evidenced by the collegiate success of Incarnate Word Academy High School graduates.

Support groups in the community directly connect with the school as a reflection of the Mission.

The school provides a safe environment, utilizing a variety of security measures.

The School Board, President's Circle and Parent Teacher Organization devote their efforts and activities to the enhancement of the school in ways that benefit the students.

The school’s commitment to its Catholic identity is clearly and vibrantly evident, especially through the many opportunities for spiritual growth and the mutual respect, care and compassion exhibited by the entire school community.