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Mary Helen Jahnke

Mary Helen Jahnke

Spanish1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3

Welcome / Bienvenidos Parents and Students,

My name is Helen Jahnke and this is my third year teaching at the Incarnate Word Academy. Before teaching here, I taught German and Spanish for 17 years at Carroll High School and Spanish for 3 years at Grant Middle School with CCISD. I also taught for 5 years at the International School of Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany. 

I am a graduate of TWU in Denton, Texas where I received my Bachelor of Science degree with certification in K-3 with endorsements in Reading, ESL, and Bi-lingual Ed. I received my Master of Science degree in Education and Spanish with certification for grades 8-12 from TAMU-CC.  I studied German in Hamburg, Germany, and have certification for grades 8-12 in German.

I was born and raised in Corpus Christi. I am tri-lingual and am fluent in English, German, and Spanish. I enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures and their way of life. It gives me a different perspective in understanding my own American culture and the American way of life. While living in Germany for 23 years, my husband, our two sons and I, traveled to France, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, and England. I lived in Germany from 1972 to 1994 before moving back to the U.S. We were in Germany for the following years during the summers until we sold our home in Hamburg in 2012. We lived through European history in the making during that time, including the tearing down of the Berlin wall in 1989 and the reunification of  East and West Germany. I saw the relationship between the U.S. and Europe up close as it grew and developed.

 My husband and I have also traveled to the Caribbean Region. We have more recently discovered the beauty of Hawaii. And last but definitely not least, we loved traveling with our sons in the eastern and southern states of the U.S. We have yet a lot more to travel in the U.S. 

My second passion, after teaching, is being creative. I love to sew. From picking sewing patterns to choosing fabrics-colors and textures- all of it is fascinating to me. I can really get very enthusiastic about sewing clothes for myself, my family, or decorating my home. I also enjoy making silk and natural flower arrangements, especially at Christmas.

My husband and I are members of the United Married Couples Social Club, of which I am President. Our club’s main purpose is to give scholarships every year to 2 students attending Del Mar College. Of course, we enjoy and value the friendship we share with the other 10 couples.

Finished dress.

These are pictures of 2 evening outfits I made for myself.

These are pictures of 2 evening outfits I made for myself.

These are pictures of 2 evening outfits I made for myself.


Back bodice.

Front bodice.

Pocket for cell phone storage during class.