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Choosing a College

Type of school

What are pros and cons of each type?

  • College vs. university

  • Private vs. public
  • Professional or specialized
  • Single sex vs. coed
  • Religious affiliation


  • Region or regions of the country (southeast, Midwest , etc.)

  • Consider distance from home and weather/climate

  • Large city, small city, suburban, rural
  • Live on campus or commute


  • Small under 2,000
  • Medium 2,000 - 6,000
  • Large 6,000 - 10,000
  • Extra Large 10,000 +
  • How does size relate to: class size, faculty contact, involvement in activities, playing on a team, number of activities

Academic Program

  • What are the majors offered; is there flexibility?

  • Is there a core requirement?

  • Special Academic Programs (study abroad, internships)
  • Academic course load
  • Class size


  • Will you feel comfortable there?
  • Diverse campus - geographic, cultural, social, economic
  • Greek life
  • Competitive, artistic, social awareness, supportive, conservation

Which college is right for you? 

To decide which college is right for you, you must first and foremost determine the criteria of what you want and need from a college. Of course, everyone has personal preferences and issues of special concern, but as a starting point, the following list of college/university attributes should be considered when developing a college wish list.