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Fill out the forms to find what kind of scholarships you qualify for.
Fill out the forms to find what kind of scholarships you qualify for.

Sources for Students
Our scholarship search program is FREE to students who are seeking funding for college.
If you're a student wondering where to go to college and how you're going to get there, or if you're a parent trying to unravel the mystery of the college and the financial aid application process, wiredscholar is the site for you!

College Savings/Loan Information

Bright Start
Bright Start can make saving for college easy by giving you a powerful combination of benefits few other investment vehicles can offer.

College Illinois
College funding will never be the same. You'll see. Just click around our site. Learn all about 529 prepaid tuition and our secure way to fund college.

College Savings Plans Network
All states have created innovative college savings programs designed to meet the savings needs of their citizens.  These programs seek to make the savings option easier for the average family.

Loan Information at Nelliemae
Nellie Mae is a leading national provider of higher education loans for students and parents. Established in 1982, Nellie Mae provides federal loans under the Federal Family Education Loan Program ( Stafford , PLUS and Consolidation Loans) and privately funded loans for students and families. Our specialized services also include web-based loan management tools for schools and borrowers.

For more than a quarter-century, Sallie Mae has been helping students achieve their dreams of higher education by providing funds for educational loans, primarily federally guaranteed student loans originated under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP).

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