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High School Level Summer Reading

The purpose of summer reading at Incarnate Word Academy is to engage students in an enjoyable reading experience that maintains and fosters literacy.

Why summer reading?

Summer reading prevents the “summer setback” that happens when students refrain from reading. Research has shown that students who do not continue to read in the summer decline in academic achievement (Cahill, Horvath, McGill-Franzen, & Allington, 2013; Cooper et al., 1996; Entwisle, Alexander, & Olson, 1997; Heyns, 1978).

Reading over the summer months keeps student’s minds engaged and makes for an easier transition to the next grade level because students have continued, not stunted, their reading levels (Cahill, et al., 2013; Kim, 2004).
While engaged in summer reading, students enhance their reading comprehension, vocabulary, and reading achievement in general.

Summer reading supports and encourages students to become lifelong readers. This supports lifelong critical thinking skills, habits that we strive to create for all students.

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