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High School Level Virtual Tour

Dear Future Angels,

We would like to welcome you to Incarnate Word Academy High School. Although we are unable to show our beautiful campus in person right now, we hope you enjoy what you see on your virtual tour.

We would love to add you and yours to the Angel family next year. We hope this tour gives you a glimpse of how amazing our community is. 

If you would like us to be on hand during your virtual tour, have questions about the what you see, or would like information on the admissions process, please send us an email and we will be in touch soon!


Jose Torres and Darla Montano

Jose Torres
High School Level

Darla Montaño
High School Level
Assistant Principal

IWA was voted as the city's "Best of the Best" High School following the 2017-2018 school year. 

The senior lounge is located at the front entrance of the school. This area is a privilege reserved for seniors to congregate, study, and relax throughout the day.

High school students do not have locks on their lockers, and IWA has an excellent safety record. The school is surrounded by locked security gates and employs an on-campus officer during school hours. 

Students will attend mass with their classmates once per week, and all IWA students (K-12) will gather at a campus-wide mass four times throughout the school year. 

Students take leadership in different parts of the service, including helping with seat and equipment setup, running the sound system, and leading the readings and songs during the service.

In addition to providing a Catholic environment to our students while on campus, IWA offers students many opportunities throughout the school year and summer to serve our community. 

IWA students completed over 30,000 hours of community service during the 2018-2019 school year. 

Students look forward to their grade-level retreats each year. All grade levels will go on one retreat per year with the exception of the senior class, who will participate in one retreat during the fall semester and another during the spring.

Retreats give our students the opportunity to grow spiritually as individuals and together as a class. 

All IWA students will complete Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Many students take advantage of our AP offerings in the science field: AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics I and II, and Pre-AP Anatomy.

Aquatic Science and Anatomy-Physiology are also offered to our high school students. Students who want to enter the health-science field greatly benefit from the hands-on learning offered in our science department. 

Students will have the opportunity to work directly with freshwater and saltwater fish, will take field trips throughout the year, and can join any one of our multiple clubs to explore their interests in the science field. 

IWA students participate in science labs at least once per week.

STEM and hands-on learning are emphasized in all classes and clubs at Incarnate Word Academy.

Students will take their in-class learning to the real world through a variety of clubs and organizations offered at Incarnate Word Academy. From becoming a certified scuba diver to joining our state-recognized Debate Club, IWA offers something for every student to explore.

Students benefit from hands-on learning and real-world experiences as they prepare for careers in the health and science fields.

In addition to our exemplary offerings in the field of health and science, many students at IWA explore their creative side through art, theatre, and music.

Art students enrolled in any of our art classes, Art I, Art II, Art II Pre-AP, or Art IV Pre-AP, showcase their work during our annual Art-Walk. 

Our students enter (and win!) many local, state-wide, and national art contests throughout the year.

Incarnate Word Academy recently completed several upgrades to the theatre stage in the James R. Dougherty, Jr. Center, including upgraded lighting and sound equipment. Theatre and music students perform and compete throughout the year.

Students at Incarnate Word Academy will take at least three years of a foreign language, with many completing the fourth year and earning college credit.

Students can choose between Spanish and French for their foreign language courses. 

On the way to the cafeteria, known as Angel Avenue, students will pass our outside courtyard. Students may enjoy eating lunch outside or gather before/after school to study, play ping-pong and chess, or have club meetings.

Students choose from a wide variety of meal options during lunch and have the freedom to eat inside or out. Many club meetings and tutoring sessions will also be offered at this time.

Students at IWA enjoy the benefits of small class sizes and being taught by experienced teachers, many of whom hold advanced degrees.

IWA offers 42 college credit hours through Advanced Placement courses and another 31 hours through our Dual-Enrollment program.

The library is open to students before, during, and after school to study, research, or use one of our three on-campus computer labs. 

Many of our library resources are available at your fingertips 24/7 through the use of our online Angel eBrary. 

One of three on-campus computer labs and one reason IWA students consistently surpass state and national averages in their standardized test scores: this lab is used for our Advanced Academic Strategies course. This class emphasizes test-taking strategies and uses individualized lessons to help each student excel on their college entrance exams.


IWA consistently leads the community in the number of National Merit Scholars, despite being much smaller than many other area schools. 

In addition to having two counselors and two college mentors on campus to help students submit college and scholarship applications, IWA students also reap the benefits of attending the only school in the area that uses Naviance, a comprehensive college, career, and life readiness platform. 

Students take advantage of multiple on-campus college and scholarship application workshops.

Colleges and universities from all over the country attend the IWA college fair to recruit our students. 

Angel Athletics is full of rich tradition, from the annual Prayer Breakfast at the start of school to the Angel Mile and the Burning of the A during our Homecoming week. 

The recently remodeled Strength and Conditioning Center gives our athletes the ability to continue the Angel tradition of competing for state championships in all sports. 

Angel athletes participate in a variety of sports sponsored by TAPPS: Boys and Girls Cross-country, Boys and Girls Golf, Boys and Girls Swimming, Boys and Girls Tennis, Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Track & Field, and Cheer. 

Choosing to attend Incarnate Word Academy is not as simple as, "where should I go to high school?" The choice to become an Angel will open many doors for your child's future. 

The IWA Class of 2019 was offered a remarkable $10.3 million in college scholarships. 

Incarnate Word Academy graduates are sought after by colleges and businesses alike. IWA's reputation for integrating faith development with high academic standards sets the bar in Corpus Christi and the surrounding area. We cannot wait to see what your student will achieve.