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International Students

2024-2025 Tuition Information for International Students Entering Grade levels: 09 - 11

Step One: complete and submit the online inquiry: ONLINE INQUIRY
Step Two: complete and submit the online application: ONLINE APPLICATION

  1. Pay the Online Application Fee: $25.00
  2. Request an online interview using Skype, Google Meet or Zoom. The skype id is: dkmontano 

The Google meet or a Zoom meeting may be scheduled upon request. Please contact High School Level Assistant Principal Darla Montano at

Step Three: Once accepted, an enrollment invitation will be emailed to the prospective student’s financially responsible parent or guardian. To complete and finalize the online enrollment process, the parent or guardian will be prompted to submit the enrollment fee and other mandatory fees*. The Athletic Fee** and the Senior Fee*** are due and payable at the time of arrival on campus.

  • Payments made to IWA are payable using a United States bank account or credit card and is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Disclaimer: A minimum of 3% administrative fee may be assessed for credit card tuition & fee transactions

Payment Plans

The International Student Tuition can be payed Annually or Semi-Annually as detailed below:

  • Annual payment option: Pay the entire annual tuition rate by the first day of attendance.
  • Semi-Annual payment option: The entire annual tuition rate is paid in two payments. The first payment will include half of the annual tuition plus all fees which were not paid at the time of online enrollment. The first payment is due by the first day of on-campus learning and the second payment is due by January 1st. 

Current Annual Tuition Rate

High School International students mandatory fees*
Tuition for 2024-2025 academic year $12,375.00
Enrollment Fee $675.00
Activity Fee $195.00
International Student Services Fee $500.00
Total amount payable upon enrollment $13,745.00*

 Other fees which may be assessed,
due and payable when the student arrives on campus*

Athletic Fee $450.00**
**The Athletic Fee is assessed if a student participates in an athletic team sport.
Senior Fee $150.00***
***Only Grade 12 Students Pay the Senior fee.
Total $600.00
Meals - School Lunch
$6.00 per day x 180 school days $1080.00

Checks should be issued and payable to Incarnate Word Academy 
Attn: Mrs. Debbie Diegel
2920 S. Alameda
Corpus Christi, TX 78404

F-1 Visa International Applicant Requirements

International students must fulfill all the requirements listed for all applicants and the program for which they are applying. 

  • Financial aid is not available to international students.
  • All international student academic records & transcripts must be evaluated by an approved credential evaluation service and must provide detailed information of course-by-course content and a lower/upper division breakdown, if applicable.
  • Report Cards for the previous three years.  
  • A Financial Resources statement. The statement must verify who the financially responsible individual will be while the student is studying with IWA. The statement must include financial data which covers Two times the amount of Tuition & Fees plus an additional amount to cover the student’s living expenses.
  • Official Birth Certificate - Notarized & Translated. 
  • Official Immunization Records verifying State of Texas compliance - Notarized & Translated. 
  • Students must reside with a biological family member or acquire a host family to live with during the program study period. The school does not assist in placing or referring students or prospective host families. 
  • Proof of Health Insurance Coverage in the USA.  
  • Valid copy of the current Passport and VISA. 
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 197 on the computer test or 71 on the internet test (iBT) is preferred. Scores must be from June 2016 or later. Students who do not have the preferred TOEFL score or never took the test can submit IELTS results in lieu of TOEFL. Other English language tests may also be accepted to help us assess the applicant’s English language skills. Students must be highly proficient, fluent, comprehend and be able to converse in English with ease. 
  • Under special circumstances, students who have already been accepted to the program may be required to study at a lower grade level or take assessment exams in order to receive course credit. 
  • Personal statement - Interested Student applicants must detail why she/he would like to attend this school. 
  • Students shall arrive in the City of Corpus Christi no later than three days prior to the Fall Semester which begins in early August.  
  • A Letter of Recommendation from a current teacher or administrator.
  • International students must maintain current and accurate demographic information with the SEVIS Coordinator for this campus.  

The I-20 Application for an F-1 Visa does not guarantee that a VISA will be approved and or issued. Once an I-20 has been issued, the family must pay the I-901 Fee by visiting:
I-901 FEE Payment detailed Information is found below
Link to the online tutorial for paying the I-901 fee:
Link to the online webpage for paying the I-901 fee:

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Contact Information:

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Director of School Relations 
Phone: +1 (480) 426-9762
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