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The best time to celebrate your class reunion is during our annual Alumni Homecoming Reunion Weekend. Not only can you take advantage of many of the FREE events that are held on campus, but you can mix and mingle with other alumni and faculty that you shared your school days with, and can break away for your own class specific events on the time and day of your choice.

Click here to plan your reunion around Alumni Homecoming Reunion Weekend.

Classes Celebrating Special Reunions in 2020 – Calling all 0’s and 5’s!

If your class ends in a 0 or 5, this is your year! Start making your class reunion plans soon and let us know all about it.

Attention 1’s and 6’s, you're next!

It’s not too early to begin planning. Contact your classmates or get a list from our alumni office.

Class Agent / Social Media Ambassador

Every class needs an agent to serve as the liaison between Incarnate Word Academy and their classmates. Think you're social media savvy? Be your class Social Media Ambassador. All you have to do is share to spread the word. Sign up today!

Need assistance?

Please contact Atlee Weber McCauley, Alumni & Donor Relations Associate, at 361-883-0857 ext.101 or for the following:

  • Volunteer to serve as class agent, Social Media Ambassador, or reunion representative.
  • Request a copy of your class list with contact information.
  • Request website and social media announcements regarding your reunion.
  • Request photos and information about your class.
  • Keep us informed.
  • Update your contact information on a regular basis.
  • Give us the latest on Angel Alumni.

Special Reunion

Years in 2020

2015 - 5 years
2010 - 10 years
2005 - 15 years
2000 - 20 years
1995 - 25 years
1990 - 30 years
1985 - 35 years
1980 - 40 years
1975 - 45 years
1970 - 50 years
1965 - 55 years
1960 - 60 years
1955 - 65 years
1950 - 70 years