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Swim Meet Results - Last Meet of the Season

The swimmers had their last meet of the season in Victoria. Traveling via bus, the teams had a breakfast sandwich and donuts to snack for the 90-minute drive. Once they arrived in Victoria, they entered the pool for warm-ups followed by the races which started at 10 AM.

Erin Crane - 6th grade. She swam 3 new events for her during the meet. In the 100 Individual Medley, she placed 3rd with a great time for a 1st-time swim. She had a learning experience in the 50 fly but now knows that she has more strength than she thought. Out of the water from her 50 fly and right back to the blocks for her 50 free. Erin had a terrific 200 free in her 3rd back to back swim. Her time was 3:08.56, the old record was 3:21. That was 13.31-second difference - amazing! She finished the regular meet competing in the 50 breast. She had a best time, slashing her time by 2.54 seconds.

Matthew Bagala - 7th grade. He had a mixed bag of swims today. He improved his 100 free time by 0.47 seconds. He was right on his best time in the 25 free. Probably would have been faster but Victoria does not have blocks on their bulkhead. Matthew bettered his time in the 50 free, dropping 0.52 seconds. This was the 1st time he swam the 50 back. He had a nice swim, keeping his head back. Out of the water and right back to the blocks for the 50 breast, he added some time but his dive is getting better.

Marcelo Garcia - 8th grade. He was pushed to his max swimming 3 of his 5 events back to back. He started the day with the 100 free. He won the event, just a little slower than his best. On the 1st of his back-to-back swims, he competed in the 50 fly. Out of the water and on blocks, he raced in the 50 free. With about a 30-second rest, his 3rd back to back swim was the 200 free. He finished the day with the 50 breast. He beat his school record in this event.

Luke Longoria - 8th grade. He started with the 100 Individual Medley. He had a great 25 free. He bettered his 50 fly time by 1.28 seconds. Returning right back to the blocks for the 50 free, he was close to his best time. He finished the day with another best time in the 50 back. He slashed his old time by 2.04 seconds.

Our boys team added Dustin from Portland for the 200 free relay. The boys had fun and best of all got to swim a relay.

All swimmers finished the meet with some fun relays. The 1st was an inner tube relay. Swimmers just needed to stay on the inner tube for their leg of the relay. The meet concluded with a boogie board relay.

Anyone still interested in swimming can join the swimmers at the pool until May 12. This is a great way to learn the basics so invite a friend.