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Incarnate Word Academy recognizes the critical role our volunteers play in the success of our organization. Volunteers are needed at each level as well as at the Advancement and Marketing, and Athletic Departments. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Application


Parents who are interested in volunteering with campus activities, clubs, or organizations, must submit an IWA Volunteer Application. This application includes a Criminal Background Authorization form and Criminal Background Check Validation form. These forms must be submitted to the administrative assistant of the school level where most volunteering will occur.

Parents may pick up their criminal background clearance after at least 24 hours from the school level administrative assistant. The criminal background clearances are processed/approved through the IWA Central Office.

If you are interested in volunteering with Advancement and Marketing Department to help with the Annual Fundraising Event or Alumni Engagement, simply contact Robin Ritchey-Roy at Neither the Volunteer Application nor the Safe Environment (SE) Diocesan Course are required. 

Volunteer Application

SE Diocesan Course

Volunteers are required to enroll in a SE (Safe Environment) Diocesan Course. Volunteers must take their cleared background form to the class. Classes are available through various parishes and occasionally at IWA. Scheduled parish classes may be found at

For more information about this program, please visit:

After completing the course, parents will receive a signed copy of the Code of Conduct sheet. This must be given to the school level administrative assistant along with your IWA Volunteer Application. A copy of your photo ID will be made at this time. Once we receive your cleared background check, your blue SE certification card will be available in your school level office.

For any information regarding the volunteer application process, please contact Norma Colunga at for Elementary, Sylvia Reta at for Middle Level, and JoAnn Garcia at for High School, and Robin Ritchey-Roy at for Advancement and Marketing. 

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