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Inspired by the charism of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament, Incarnate Word Academy seeks to evangelize by proclaiming the Good News as revealed in the mystery of the Incarnation. In this ministry of Catholic education, our service is directed "toward bringing about a Christian wholeness in each person and a Christian unity among all." (Constitutions, #81)


In pursuit of this goal, Incarnate Word Academy holds God as the highest value and affirms the sacredness and dignity of each human person. Acknowledging parents as the first and foremost educators, we work in partnership with them to foster in their children the fullness of life to which they have been called. We recognize the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and creative gifts of each member of our community and provide a holistic education to challenge, assist, and guide students in their personal development.


In response to the Second Vatican Council, IWA seeks to create a faith community in which the following are provided for its members:

  • The opportunity to worship in liturgical celebration and to deepen personal prayer
  • The message of Christ as presented in Catholic doctrine and expressed in sound moral principles
  • The experience of community through mutual support and conflict management
  • The introduction into a life of service to facilitate discernment of vocation

IWA seeks to integrate Catholic faith and Christian values with the pursuit of quality education. Aware of the many aspects of human growth and development, all members of the staff assist students in developing a life stance that includes the following:

  • The quest for a deepening personal relationship with God
  • The encouragement of natural curiosity leading to increased understanding 
  • The appropriate expressions of emotional responses toward self and others
  • The participation in social relationships based on respect and trust, expressed in honest communication and personal accountability
  • The acquisition of healthy physical practices  

Achievement of Christian Formation

While finishing school is never an indication that a person is finished growing, IWA does seek to facilitate the development of an individual who is able to express commitment to God and his or her faith community through witness and service; who enjoys the skills to make responsible and informed moral decisions; who is ready to participate in and contribute to the good of the civic community; who — above all — witnesses to and lives as a member of the Kingdom of God.