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Alumni Spotlight: Diane Peck Peters '58
Alumni Spotlight: Diane Peck Peters '58
Diane started began at IWA in Sister Carmen Garcia's first grade class. She graduated in 1958.

Diane started began at IWA in Sister Carmen Garcia’s first grade class. She graduated in 1958.

Did any other family members attend IWA?

My brothers and sisters, grandmother-in-law, mother-in-law, husband, children, and other relatives all attended IWA. My grandchild currently attend’s IWA.

How do you think your IWA education has influenced/benefitted you?

IWA education was the best gift that my parents gave me. Christ was the center of our life.  We were taught right from wrong. Making right choices was easy to recognize.  Proper dress, polished shoes, combed hair, good manners, and cleanliness was mandatory.  We learned respect for elders and regard for all people. When life dipped to its lowest ebb the Sisters were always present to offer support and love. The IWA Sisters are my family. 

What IWA person/faculty member made the biggest impact on your life?

Sr. Agnes Marie Tengler '43 was and still is a major role model, teacher, and source of strength and guidance. She was an exceptional mentor for the class of IWA.


In 1958 I married my high school sweetheart, who attended IWA and Corpus Christi College Academy. We had four children, two of which are living, and four grandchildren. The close association of these two Catholic schools offered us the opportunity to meet young Catholics with corresponding morals and values. Many exceptional marriages came from that opportunity.  

My late husband and I partnered and formed businesses in insurance, real estate, rural subdivisions, farming and ranching, oil company, house construction, finance company, etc.  He passed away in 1994. I continue to manage the businesses. 

The “occupation of my heart” is in art as an oil, watercolor, acrylic, mosaic, and stained glass artist.  For many years I was fortunate to study in master classes with many legendary artists, and exhibited nationally and internationally. Currently I participate and demonstrate in plein air painting overseas. 

After the death of my husband I laid aside my art career to devote my painting and service as an Incarnate Word Associate. Also as an Associate I served part time for the last nineteen years with the Incarnate Word Sisters of Kenya in their African missions

My joys in life are opera, classical music, art, and sailing, in that order.

Praised Be The Incarnate Word!