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Counselors' Corner: Forbes Releases 2016 College Rankings
You might discover a new college that was not previously on your radar to add to your

Forbes has released its list of top ranked college for 2016. Many IWA students and parents have asked about college rankings, so here you go ...

The Forbes ranking methodology is driven by student satisfaction (25%), post-graduate success (32.5%), student debt (25%), graduation rate (7.5%), and academic success (10%).

While these variables can be subjective and no survey is perfect, this is still another good college research tool to see where a university ranked (according to Forbes data) based on these five factors. 

You might also discover a new college that was not previously on your radar to add to your "colleges I'm thinking about" list in Naviance and continue to learn more.

The main thing to remember is there are many great colleges and universities from which to choose and your goal in the college application process is to research and find those colleges that are the best fit for YOU!

At the top of this year's list are:

  1. Pomona College
  2. Williams College
  3. Stanford University
  4. Princeton University
  5. Yale University
  6. Harvard University
  7. Swarthmore College
  8. Brown University
  9. Amherst College
  10. MIT
  11. United States Military Academy (West Point)
  12. University of Pennsylvania
  13. University of Notre Dame
  14. Dartmouth College
  15. Columbia University
  16. Northwestern University
  17. Wesleyan University
  18. Claremont McKenna College
  19. Haverford College
  20. University of Chicago

The Forbes website also contains links to other interesting college data where colleges and universities are filtered using a wide variety of criteria.

For a complete list of colleges on this year's America's Top Colleges list, visit:

When you click on the name of a college on the list, you will be automatically linked to additional information on the specific college. Again, this list is just one database and we are sharing it as another research tool and for those who have asked to received this information.

Happy Researching!

Mrs. Calhoun and Mrs. Cantu