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Alumnae on Board for Gala
Ladies Volunteer to Serve on Raffle, Decorating,Check In, and Alumni Committees.

Alumni have come on board to volunteer once again!  The IWA 2014 Paradise Island Benefit Gala is scheduled for Saturday, March 1, 2014 at the American Bank Center. 

Melanie Jennings '96 has stepped up to chair the raffle committee.  Fabulous year to do it!  This year, we aren’t holding back.  $20 buys you a chance to win a 2015 Nissan Versa.  What color did we choose, you ask?  Angel red of course!

Jennifer Norrell '91 is bringing her decorating skills to the table (literally!).  She joined the decorating committee and will help us transform the American Bank Center into “Paradise Island” for your viewing pleasure.

The Thomsons make the IWA Benefit Gala a family affair! Gerry Kelley Thomson ’52 is volunteering alongside her daughter Kathryn Thomson McCarty ’81 and granddaughter, Kyndra McCarty ’09. These lovely ladies will be checking you in and out.

You won’t find Debbie Kureska Diegel ’72 on campus come IWA Benefit Gala. This alumna, parent of alumni, wife of a CCCA graduate, and Accounts Manager at IWA is pretty well rooted in anything that has to do with the letters I-W-A.  You will see her smiling face when you check in and out.

Veteran co-chairs, Anika Page Tamez ’05 and Cecilia Garcia Akers ’70 have teamed up again to lead our alumni committee.  Tricia Perrone ’87 completes this fabulous trio.  They will be leading the effort to ensure that there are many alumni residents on Paradise Island the evening of March 1, 2013.

Please let these alumnae know that you appreciate their support!  They are lending their precious time and talents to help us raise funds that will help us continue to provide an excellent Catholic education to our children.

For more information on the 2014 Paradise Island Benefit Gala, please contact Amy Canterbury, Advancement Associate - Alumni and External Relations at 361-883-8229 x 104 or