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The IWA/CCCA Connection
A Blended Family

When CCCA played football, IWA supplied the cheer squad. When there was a dance to be had, it was hosted by both schools. They rode the bus together, celebrated homecoming together, attended academic events, took part in service projects, celebrated sacraments and enjoyed leisure activities – together. CCCA educated the boys and IWA educated the girls. Many were brothers and sisters from the same family.

From the moment CCCA was founded, the academies were a blended family.

Over the years, the interaction between CCCA and IWA students tells the story of Catholic education in our community. It is a unique heritage shared between the two schools. This fascinating and special relationship is documented in photos, scrap books, writings, newspaper articles, magazines, marriage certificates, baptisms, and death certificates. 

It makes perfect sense that when CCCA closed in 1972, IWA would officially “adopt” all alumni of this historical Catholic institution.

In 2004, Billy Joe Carter CCCA ’53 and his wife, Janie Tiblier-Carter IWA ’53 purchased a Sacred Heart Statue that was originally presented to the Benedictine Fathers and CCCA in 1928 by Bishop Emmanuel B. Ledvina, D.D., LL.D..  The Carters donated the statue to IWA.  The statue that marked the Catholic identity of CCCA for many years and welcomed all to campus, would now stand tall at IWA serve the same purpose. A blessing and dedication ceremony was led by Father Harold Heiman, OSB at IWA during the CCCA and IWA class reunion weekend honoring the classes of 1929-1972. 

Although graduates of CCCA will always remain graduates of CCCA, they are officially a part of the IWA Alumni Program. 

CCCA colors will always be maroon and gold, the team remains the mighty “Cavaliers”, and the “The Pilgrim” yearbooks will never be renamed. 

CCCA history is housed together with IWA’s on the same shelves, in the same room, as it always has been and always will be. 

Both are celebrated together under the name — Incarnate Word Academy Alumni.