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Alumni: Top 10 Reasons to Plan Your Reunion Around Alumni Homecoming Reunion Weekend
We have everything taken care of for you already.

10. We have wonderful events already planned for you. So there is no need for you to do any work.


9. Every event except for the Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner and Dance are absolutely FREE!


8. It costs much less to participate in this special weekend than it does if you plan on your own.  We have the memorabilia, the decorations, the goodies, and even the band covered. 


7. In addition to your own classmates, you get to reunite with alumni from other class years, teachers, coaches, the IWBS Sisters, and the entire IWA community.


6. There will be time to break away to celebrate with just your class. Why not take advantage of all the other events that are already planned for you.


5. You get to come back to campus to see everything that remains and see all of the wonderful additions that have been added since your graduation.


4. You can celebrate every year, during your special reunion years, or any year you feel like it. It’s up to you.


3. It’s a great way to gather for mini-reunions with your classmates.


2. Photographs are taken throughout the entire weekend and are available to download from our website FREE of charge.

1. We have so many FREE goodies for you it’s unbelievable!


Don’t miss this event!