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Swim Results: TISCA Zone
Swim Results: TISCA Zone

The IWA Girls Swim Team finished in 4th place at the TISCA Zone swim meet. The IWA Boys Swim Team finished in 7th place- a great place with only 4 boys swimming.

The highest placing girl swimmer of the meet was Bella Chimbunde. Bella had a terrific swim, taking 2nd in the 100 free. The highest finish on the boy's team was Patrick Shea. He took 3rd in the 100 free, breaking the 52 second mark for the 1st time.

Medley Relay – Isabela Maher, Chloe Rosales, Morgan Schacht, & Patience Orms finished 10th in prelims but came back and took the B final on Day 2. The girls dropped over 2 seconds 2nd time round.

Day 1. She finished in 3rd on Day 2, bettering her Day 1 time by 6 seconds.

50 Free – Kelsi Wood qualified in 15th place but came back Day 2 and took 13th, shaving off some time.

Chloe Rosales finished as 1st alternate on Day 1. Due to a scratch, she was able to swim in finals. She took 16th but improved her time on Day 2.

Patrick Shea finished 8th both days in the event.

Adian Orines qualified as 1st alternate with a personal best time!

100 Fly – Morgan Schacht found out that practice does help. She added time on Day 1 but reset her mind and had a great swim Day 2, cutting 5 seconds off her prelim time. She moved from 15th to 11th in finals adding points to our team totals.

Adian Orines qualified 13th on Day 1. Having another great swim, he moved up a spot in finals, taking 12th.

100 Free – Bella Chimbunde grabbed the 2nd place finish on Day 2. Seeded 4th after prelims, she came back with a fabulous swim. This was her fastest 100 free swim in high school!

Kelsi Wood was just about even each day. She took 10th on the swim.

Patrick Shea's face said it all about this swim. He touched the pad in 3rd but broke the 52 second mark with 51.85. Way to go! He moved up 2 spots in finals adding points to the team totals.

Isaiah Chimbunde keep his time sub minute, finishing 12th in finals.

500 Free – Patience Orms qualified 4th for finals. She touched 3rd in finals.

Isabela Maher finished both days in 8th place.

200 Free Relay – Bella Chimbunde, Chloe Rosales, Morgan Schacht, Patience Orms grabbed 4th both days but they dropped 2 seconds on Day 2

Isaiah Chimbunde, Aidan Orines, Sebastian Mondragon, & Patrick Shea finished 6th both days. They dropped 2 seconds during the finals swim.

100 Back – Morgan Schacht qualified for finals in the 16th spot. Day 2 was her day. She moved up and finished in the 11th point spot, just a half a second off her best time.

Isabela Maher qualified to swim both days. She finished in the 13th spot.

Sebastian Mondragon qualified 14th for finals. Day 2 he moved up to 13th.

100 Breast – Bella Chimbunde qualified for the A final on Day 1. She finished 8th on Day 2, just shy of her best time.

Chloe Rosales swam both days finishing in 13th.

Isaiah Chimbunde took 10th on Day 1. Day 2 he ruled the B final taking the heat, 9th overall.

400 Free Relay – Bella Chimbunde, Isabela Maher, Kelsi Wood, Patience Orms finished in 6th both days. They dropped 2 seconds in finals.

Isaiah Chimbunde, Sebastian Mondragon, Aidan Orines, Patrick Shea finished in the 5th spot on Day 1. Day 2 they came back and grabbed the 4th place bettering their time by 6 seconds.

Overall, it was a great meet with the holiday break. Many finally figured out the importance of training over the break.