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Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Perez
Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Perez

Lisa Perez has been teaching in Catholic schools for 21 years, including the last three at Incarnate Word Academy. As the Student Council sponsor, she wishes all the candidates good luck during this week's elections! This year, the student council will focus on service and giving back to the community.

Mrs. Perez believes that all teachers should strive to be examples to their students both spiritually and academically. Each year she tells her students a story that was told to her by a friend who is a priest. In short, it says that the home you have in Heaven is built by the materials you send up - prayers, going to church, silent worship, etc. She always reminds her students by asking, "Do you want a shack or a mansion?"

Her favorite event of the year is coming up soon! She can't wait to see her students and their families have a "spooky good time" at this year's Fall Fun Night.

Mrs. Perez's uses her favorite verse to remind her students to do their best and that God will take care of the rest. Today we want to use it to encourage our followers the same thing! Mark 10:27 states: "With God all things are possible." Thank you Mrs. Perez for being such a wonderful role model and teacher to our students.