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Swim Results: Varsity Sprint Meet
Swim Results: Varsity Sprint Meet

The Incarnate Word Academy varsity swim team was in action for the 1st meet of the season!

The girls team took 3rd place and broke 3 school records. The boys team finished in 6th place. Four school records went down for the boys.


100 Medley Relays –
Lilly Ondike, Chloe Rosales, Morgan Schacht, & Janah Siguenza combined for one relay. They finished in 13th.

Isabela Maher, Patience Orms, Bella Chimbunde, & Kelsi Wood joined forces and took 5th place. The girls set a new school record.

Sebastian Mondragon, Rishi Ramachandruni, Isaiah Chimbunde, & Aidan Orines teamed up to take 12th place.

100 Free –
Bella Chimbunde – 5th place.
Kelsi Wood – 10th place.

100 Individual Medley –
Patience Orms – 1st place, new school record by over 2 seconds.
Isabela Maher – 17th place
Morgan Schacht – 19th place.
Sebastian Mondragon – 24th place.
Aidan Orines – 28th place.

25 Free –
Chloe Rosales – 3rd place.
Venice Vicknair – 8th place.
Grace Leeson – 9th place. Grace shaved 0.58 seconds off her time.
Victoria Molina – 19th place.
Janah Siguenza – 33rd place.
Gavin Vicknair – 2nd place, new school record by 0.06 seconds. Gavin shaved 0.63 seconds off his old time.
Isaiah Aguilar – 18th place.
Luke Afuso – 32th place.

50 Fly –
Morgan Schacht – 14th place. Morgan dropped 0.97 seconds off her time.
Jonah Lugo – 5th place, new school record. Jonah improved his old time by 2.02 seconds.
Isaiah Chimbunde – 10th place. Isaiah improved his swim by 1.44 seconds.
Aidan Orines – 33rd place.

50 Free –
Kelsi Wood – 12th place. Kelsi shaved 0.31 seconds off her time.
Isabela Maher – 17th place.
Lilly Ondike – 25th place.
Venice Vicknair – 27th place.
Grace Leeson – 29th place.
Victoria Molina – 38th place. She crushed her old time by 1.64 seconds after running the CC meet today.
Cassandra Munoz – 53rd place.
Patrick Shea – 5th place.
Rishi Ramachandruni – 29th place. Rishi improved his old time by 2.05 seconds.
Isaiah Aguilar – 46th place.

200 Free –
Jonah Lugo – 2nd place in a close race to the pad. Jonah improved his old school time by 10.15 seconds.

100 Free Relay –
Victoria Molina, Lilly Ondike, Janah Siguenza, Cassandra Munoz – 16th place.
Jonah Lugo, Sebastian Mondragon, Patrick Shea, Gavin Vicknair – 2nd place, new school record.
Luke Afuso, Isaiah Aguilar, Rishi Ramachandruni, Aidan Orines – 17th place.

50 Back –
Patience Orms – 2nd place, new school record.
Lilly Ondike – 18th place.
Cassandra Munoz – 30th place.
Janah Siguenza – DQ.
Sebastian Mondragon – 18th place.

50 Breast –
Bella Chimbunde – 10th place
Chloe Rosales – 18th place. Chloe shaved 1.38 seconds off her time from last year.
Gavin Vickanir – 5th place, new school record.
Isaiah Chimbude – 12th place. Isaiah dropped 1.80 seconds off his best time.
Patrick Shea – 18th place.
Rishi Ramachandruni – 30th place.
Luke Afuso – 43rd place.

200 Free Relay –
Bella Chimbunde, Kelsi Wood, Chloe Rosales, Patience Orms – 5th place, just 0.81 seconds off the school record.
Isabela Maher, Morgan Schacht, Grace Leeson, Venice Vicknair – 9th place.
Gavin Vicknair, Isaiah Chimbunde, Jonah Lugo, & Patrick Shea – 6th place.

The team returns to competition on Friday, October 11 at the Flour Bluff Natatorium for a Dual Meet. Meet start is 6 PM.