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Thank you to our 2022-2023 Annual Fund Donors 

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Adams
Larry and Marie Sikes Adian '72
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Afuso
Sofia S. Aguirre '18
Mr. and Mrs. Alberto Alvarado
Sister Dorothy Anhaiser, IWBS
Mr. and Mrs. Artem Artemchuk
Mr. and Mrs. Newman Baker
Mr. Alan Bean
Mr. and Mrs. Vince Benavides
Ms. Lisa Benavides
Mr. and Mrs. Jatin Bhakta
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Boyce
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bryan
Ms. Mary C. Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. James Bush
Jairo and Anjanette A. Cantu Bustillo '97
Ms. Denise K. Calderon
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Calhoun - in memory of Margaret Jane O'Hair
Mr. Michael Calk and Mrs. Gloria Ann Yturria-Calk
Mr. Miguel Canache and Mrs. Neida Parra De Canache
Ms. Amy Snell Canterbury - In memory of Samuel L. Canterbury, III
Mr. and Mrs. Art Cantu
Mrs. Hilda Cantu
Mr. and Mrs. Luis M. Cadena
Ms. Gabriela Cardona
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Carlisle
Ms. Pamela C. Carrillo
Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Castillo
Mr. Miguelangel Centeno and Mrs. Carla A. Pereira
Mr. Roger Cerny and Mrs. Cassandra Cerny
Mr. Top Chanyaman and Mrs. Miranda Salinas-Chanyaman
Mr. and Mrs. David Chapa
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Chimbunde
Mr. Luciano Olvera and Mrs. Norma Colunga
Mr. Edward A. Costley and Mrs. Teresa L. Gauntt-Costley
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Courville
Ms. Audra DeLeon
Ms. Criselda DeLeon
Mr. and Mrs. Julio Dimas
Sister Eileen M. Doherty, SOLT and Sister Patricia A. Burns, SOLT
Mr. Vinaykumar Dulip
Mrs. Colleen M. Duzich
Mrs. Liza Elizondo
Mrs. Erica Engel
Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Fairchild
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Figueroa
Mr. Joe W. Fish
James G. Fisher, CCCA '53
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Flood
Maurice and Theresa A. Kalinec Fortin '73
Mr. Russell Franques and Mrs. Barbara Szczerbinska
Mrs. Kim Frost
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Galvan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Garcia
Mrs. Dottie Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Reynaldo Garcia
Mr. Jacob Garcia
Mrs. Elva Garcia
Mrs. Melva Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Garza
Mrs. Katrina Garza
Patricia L. Gomez '62 - In memory of Lala C. Gomez"
Mr. and Mrs. Omar Gonzales
Ms. Victoria Green
Mr. Andrew Grove
Mr. Robert Guerra and Mrs. Sarah Garza Guerra
Ms. Sarah Guthrie
Mr. and Mrs. Fernando A. Gutierrez
Mr. Arthur B. Haas
Mr. Justin Hamilton and Ms. Rebecca Drury
Ms. Judith E. Harris
Bryan and Stephanie Graf Harrison '00
Mr. and Mrs. Kris Havelka
Ms. Carla Hileman
Ms. LaQuita M. Hilzinger
Narciso and Bertha Saenz Hinojosa '62
Mrs. Maria Huerta-Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Iber
Incarnate Word Academy Middle Level PTO - in honor of Marci Levings, Middle Level Principal
Incarnate Word Academy Elementary Level PTO
Mr. and Mrs. Travis W. Janak
Mr. Rodolfo Jimenez and Mrs. Noreen Perez
Cindy and Robert Keehan '83 - In memory of Anne Keehan
Virginia and Patrick J. Keehan '92
Dr. and Mrs. Colin M. Kenny
KJZT Family Life
Kenny and Amy & Kenny Taft Koch '87 - In memory of Donald Westley Thomas, Jr. and    Wesley Garrett Haas
Sister Anna H. Le, IWBS
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lehrman
Lucille Prado Lira '57 - In honor of Arlene Lira Easter '77, Loraine Lira Bass '79, Dorothy Lira McGinnis '82, Caryn Lira '83; and In memory of Valerie Lira Tomlin '91
Mr. and Mrs. Lionel A. Longoria
Mr. and Mrs. James Longtain
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Tarun Madappa
Nancy and Ronald Maples
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Marroquin
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Martinez
Mr. Jason Masur and Mrs. Marisa A. Telge-Masur
Mrs. Shirley Matula
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McBroom
Mrs. Laura I. McCracken
Dr. Fredrick J. McCutchon
Ms. Lisa McKelvey
Reverend and Mrs. Michael A. McMullen
Mrs. Diana Medina-Cattarin - In memory of Gloria Walters Medina '56
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Montaño
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Morris
Ms. Kelly Muniz
Mr. and Mrs. Jason James
Debbie and Chris L. Nicholson '80
Dr. and Mrs. Erik Nisimblat
Louise Cline O’Callahan '58 - In  memory of Sister Agnes Marie Tengler, IWBS '43
Mr. Robert Orta
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Otahal
Mr. Patrick Overman and Mrs. Stephanie M. Ibarra-Overman
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Paulus
Dr. and Mrs. Brent L. Pennington
Mr. and Mrs. Severo Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Angel Perez
The Pittsburgh Foundation
Mr. Kambiz Pournazari and Mrs. Sima Nasr
Dr. Lauren and Nicholas Power
Ms. Roxanne M. Ramirez
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Reyes - In memory of Sister Olga Cardona, IWBS
Mr. and Mrs. Gilly Riojas
Mr. Everett Roy and Mrs. Robin Ritchey-Roy
Deborah A. Rivera '82 - In honor of Jacob A. Rivera '20 and Bryan River
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rodriguez
Ms. Christina Romero
Mr. Richard S. Rosales
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rummell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rybalka
Andrew L. '98 and Kathryn D. Bayardo Saenz '98
Sister Judith Marie Saenz, IWBS
Mr. Brian Salinas and Mrs. Norma Lomeli
Mr. James Jackson and Dr. Bridget Sanders
Mr. Jonah Sandoval
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Schulz
Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Shull, Jr.
Mrs. Sheena Sibra
Janet E. Sikes '71
Mr. and Mrs. Dutch Singleterry
Ms. Aida Slingerland
Lee and Sarah Cruse Smith '81
Brian Smith '10 and Rhonnie Embres Smith '10
Martha Jo Southernwood '53
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Staff
Mr. Patrick Stark
Mr. and Mrs. John Starns
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Steehler
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Steen
Mr. Juan Roberto Stillman
Sarah and Bradley S. Tindall '93
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Torres
Mr. and Mrs. Cesar H. Torres
Mr. and Mrs. Jose F. Torres, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro V. Trevino
Ms. Beth Truesdale
Ms. Deana Turnbull
Mrs. Bobby R. Turnbull
Drs. Thomas and Jennifer Turner
Mrs. Yvonne Valdez
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Vatankhah
Mr. Marco Vazquez
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Walker
Kenneth and Cornelia Connelly Watson '65
Mr. Jesse Weaver and Mrs. Amanda Port
Mrs. Anna Marie Weller - In memory of the departed from the Class of 1960
Mr. Edson Wellmann and Mrs. Maria Teresita Aguilar Sanchez
Mrs. Elizabeth Wood
Ms. Megan D. Zuniga