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Annual Fund Donors

Thank you to our 2021-2022 Annual Fund Donors

Larry and Marie Sikes Adian '72                 

Mr. Joshua C. Aguas                       

AmazonSmile Foundation                           

Joanne F. Mireur Anderson '64                  

Mr. William M. Elena Fuentes and Mrs. Sandra L. Avalos de Elena                              

Mrs. Jerrie V. Barker                      

Mr. and Mrs. Vince Benavides                   

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan D. Boyce                       

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bush                        

Jairo and Anjanette A. Cantu Bustillo '97                

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Calhoun                        

Mrs. Hilda Cantu                              

Ms. Pamela C. Carrillo                    

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Carrillo
In memory of Jose Evan Barrera Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David Castillo                         

Mr. and Mrs. David Chapa                           

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Chimbunde                

Sister Elizabeth C. Close, IWBS '64                            

Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. Cook                             

Mr. David Corkill
In memory of Richard and Jennifer Corkill

Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Cox                           

Ms. Maria E. Crawford                  

Ms. Rina Del Rosario Sarao                          

Ms. Criselda DeLeon
In memory of Daniel DeLeon

Ms. Audra DeLeon                          

Ms. Jayce L. Diaz                              

Sister Eileen M. Doherty, SOLT and Sister Patricia A. Burns, SOLT                

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Dowling                             

Ms. Rebecca Dulin                           

Mr. Vinaykumar Dulip
In honor of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament

Ms. Elani M. Duzich                        

Mrs. Colleen M. Duzich                 

Mrs. Erica Engel               

Ms. Oralia Everett                           

Mr. Joe W. Fish                

James G. Fisher, CCCA '53                             

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Flood
In memory of Ellen and George William Flood M.D.

Maurice and Theresa A. Kalinec Fortin '73                             

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Galvan                    

Angie Montez Garcia '60                               

Mrs. Melva Garcia                           

Mr. and Mrs. Reynaldo Garcia                    

Mrs. Dottie Garcia                           

Mrs. Elva Garcia               

Ms. Angie Garcia-Sendejo                           

Dr. and Dr. Demetrio Gonzalez                  

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Green
In memory of Patrick David Green

Mrs. Linda Grossman                    

Mr. Arthur B. Haas                          

Janet and Duane S. Herbst '81                    

Carmen Hernandez '71                  

Ms. LaQuita M. Hilzinger                              

Narciso and Bertha Saenz Hinojosa '62                   

Dr. and Mrs. Juan Carlos Huerta                

Incarnate Word Academy Elementary Level PTO               

Incarnate Word Academy Middle Level PTO
In honor of Marci Levings, Middle Level Principal

Virginia and Patrick J. Keehan '92                              

Kenny and Amy Taft Koch '87
In honor of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament

Daphne and Paul D. Laudadio '65
In memory of Amy Laudadio '89

Drs. Ben and Kimberly Leeson                   

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Leeson                       

Charles and Margaret J. Godbout Lewis '69                          

Mrs. Mindy Libbey                          

Ms. Patty P. Lichtenberger                          

Ann and Michael Lippincott '81                  

Lucille Prado Lira '57                      

Nancy and Ronald Maples                           

Mrs. Irene G. Martinez                  

Leslie Hendricks McCallick '80
In memory of Marian Hendricks

Betty Jo McCarty '49                      

Mrs. Laura I. McCracken                              

Dr. Fredrick J. McCutchon                           

Mr. Ralph Meyer and Dr. Pamela Meyer               

Mr. Centeno Miguelangel and Mrs. Carla Pereira                              

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Montaño                

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Morris                           

Ms. Kelly Muniz               

Debbie and Chris L. Nicholson '80                             

Louise Cline O'Callahan '58                          

Mr. Robert Orta               

Andrew and Victoria L. Migl Pannone '77                              

Mr. Elizabeth Payne                       

Dr. and Mrs. Brent L. Pennington                             

Mr. and Mrs. Angel Perez                            

Sara and David J. Perrone '91                     

Donald and Cecile Hendricks Pesek '76
In honor of Sister Annette Wagner, IWBS '64

Mrs. and Mrs. Yvette Reyes
In memory of Sister Olga Cardona, IWBS

Beatrice Arispe Reyes '70                             

Mr. and Mrs. Gilly Riojas                              

Deborah A. Rivera '82
In honor of Bryan Rivera

Loren R. Rock '03
In memory of Gabriel Ryan Hinojosa, '03

Mr. Richard S. Rosales                   

Dr. Lia Ann Rosales                         

Sister Judith Marie Saenz, IWBS                

Andrew L. '98 and Kathryn D. Bayardo Saenz '98                

Norma Gutierrez San Miguel '61                

Dr. Bridget Sanders                        

The Honorable and Mrs. Stan Schlueter                

Mr. and Mrs. Erik Scott
In honor of Darla Montaño

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Shay               

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Shay                         

Janet E. Sikes '71                              

Mr. and Mrs. Dutch Singleterry                 

Lee and Sarah Cruse Smith '81                   

Martha Jo Southernwood '53                     

Mr. Patrick Stark                              

Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas                        

Sarah and Bradley S. Tindall '93                 

Mr. and Mrs. Armando Torralva                

Mr. and Mrs. Jose F. Torres, Sr.                 

Mr. and Mrs. Pedro V. Trevino                   

Ms. Beth Truesdale                        

Dr. and Mrs. James B. Tyree                       

Mr. Marco Vazquez                       

Ms. Victoria A. Villarreal               

Mr. Thomas Waggoner                 

Mr. and Mrs. Jinlong Wang                         

Kenneth and Cornelia Connelly Watson '65                          

Mrs. Anna Marie Weller
In memory of Kenneth Vernon Weller

Dr. Huang Wenhua and Dr. Ye Chunlai                   

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Whitbeck                

Mrs. Mary Woods
In honor of Marin Patterson & Waylon Patterson