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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about the Annual Fund?

  • Annual Fund gifts are unrestricted and are used to meet the most immediate needs of the school.
  • Your gift of $1,000 or more includes President's Circle recognition.
  • The fiscal year for Annual Fund pledges is July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.
  • Payments accepted include cash, check, credit card, and bank draft.

If IWA charges tuition, why do you need an Annual Fund?

Annual tuition fees do not cover the full cost of educating each student. The difference that exists between the true cost per child and what the school charges is the “gap.” IWA operates with a gap to offer lower tuition which makes our quality Catholic education accessible and affordable to more families.

I can't afford a big gift. Will my gift make a difference?

All gifts make a difference. We are grateful for every dollar we receive. A great way to give if you have a limited capacity is to give monthly. Breaking your gift into small, manageable payments can help you make a bigger gift that will make a bigger impact, for example, a $10 monthly gift turns into $100 and a $50 monthly gift turns into $500.

How do I contribute?

Click on the link below to visit the Ways to Give page.

Ways to Give