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President's Circle Members

Thank you President’s Circle Members

Platinum Archangel $15,000+

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Bottom

Amy and Timothy J. Ehrman '86

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Gough

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hilliard

David Tehle and Mona Barrientes Tehle '78

Gold Archangel $10,000 - $14,999

Mr. Tom L. Carlisle

Silver Archangel $5,000-$9,999

Mr. and Mrs. Mossa Mostaghasi

Dr. and Mrs. Erik Nisimblat

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Rumley

Donald Taft and Susan Milloy Taft '62

Mr. and Mrs. Casper Wenzel

Bronze Archangel $2,500-$4,999


Ms. Jana Bickham

Warner Davis and Diane Shackelford Davis '60

Dr. and Mrs. Jaime E. Fergie

Brendan Gau & Martha Ocker Gau '92

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Gibson

Mr. and Mrs. Bart T. Nelms

Archangel $1,000 - $2,499

Academic Outfitters

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Adair

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Adams

Jim Akers & Cecilia Garcia-Akers '70

Mrs. Jean Barth Albright


Mr. and Mrs. Darrell J. Atkins

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bagala

Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Balboa

Kenneth G. Bath '78

Dr. and Mrs. Drake Beauchamp

Mr. Robert P. Bordenet

Mr. Thomas Buckner

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Luis M. Cadena

Ms. Amy Snell Canterbury

Mrs. Clare P. Canterbury

Mr. and Mrs. Barry K. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Juan R. Cortez

Ms. Diane DeCou

Mr. and Mrs. Allen G. Daehne

Mr. and Mrs. Gasper C. D'Anna

Deborah Kureska Diegel '72 and Danny Diegel, CCCA '72

Mr. and Mrs. Lance G. Duke

Mr. Jerry Ehrman

Dr. and Mrs. J. Michael Elizondo

Dr. Yasmin Lopez and Mr. Pod Oliesqui Estevez

Henry F. Fey, CCCA '56

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Garcia

Mr. Andrew Grove '84

Ms. Sammie H. Grunwald

Mr. Fernando Gutierrez and Mrs. Judith Garcia

Mr. and Mrs. Casey E. Hannigan

Mrs. Gloria Hicks

Mrs. Dorothy C. Holland

Patrick Horne and Kathleen Kelly Horne '73

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hoskins

Mary Ann Kelly '72

Captain and Mrs. Alex Kirkland

Dr. Tanya Lawhon and Mr. Darrell Lawhon

Ms. Janet Lumley

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Matl

The McNiff Family

Frank J. Miles and Jeanette E. Stryk Miles ‘60

Dr. Guadalupe Morales

John Murray & Christine Canterbury Murray '84

Jim Nesheim & Melissa Skutka Nesheim '85

Mr. Phil E. Nicholson

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Olivarez, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Perrone

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Pettus

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Plemons

Judie Horn Pruett '66

Mrs. Diane Raska

Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus F. Richards, III

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rybalka

John Scanlon & Louise M. Scanlon '60

Josephine E. Levek Schmidt '61

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm H. Smith, III

Rhonnie Smith '10 and Brian Smith '10

Carolyn and Larry J. Snapka, CCCA '63

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Steen

Mr. and Mrs. Theron Stubbs

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Urrutia

Dr. and Mrs. Steven A. Vela

Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark Wagnon

Nancy C. Wesson-Dodd ‘67

Cornelia Houseman Wilems '63

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wiley