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Precious Stones Supporting the Mission

Scholarship Donor Recognition Society 

In gratitude for the significant contributions of scholarship funds, the Precious Stones Supporting the Mission Scholarship Recognition Society was created.  This recognition society acknowledges donors whose lifetime giving to the scholarship program totals $10,000 or more.

“I will build you with stones of turquoise, your foundations with sapphires. I will make your battlements of rubies, your gates of sparkling jewels, and all your walls of precious stones. All your sons and daughters shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.”

                                                                                                                                                -Isaiah 54:11-12

Diamond:  $250,000+
Ruby:  $100,000-249,999
Emerald:  $50,000-99,999
Sapphire:  $25,000-49,999
Pearl:  $10,000-24,999


Lidy Fritz Estate

Patricia Brown Meyers ‘51

Sara Solis Educational Trust


Jerri Hatch Paquette ’50

Lt. Colonel Maria del Carmen Solis


Dr. Bob Bezdek

Fritter Estate

George Anne Hubert Muckleroy ‘55

Patty and Joe Mueller, CCCA ‘42

Marguerite Sours Foundation



Ellen Jane Carter

Bobby and Donna Gough

Vann and Mary Kennedy

Joe and Geri Petru Kuntscher ‘59

Shirley Paul Mireur Estate

O’Connor and Hewitt Foundation

Jack and Grace Powers ‘63

Cy and Dee Dee Richards

San Jacinto Title Services of Corpus Christi

Roman and Sophie Bezdek Snapka

Philomena Walker ’42

Casper and Emily Wenzel

Paul and Beverly York



Cecilia Garcia Akers ’60 and James G. Akers

Dean and Mary Berry

Pat Megerle Booth ’49 and Gloria Spahn Boutte ‘49

Dr. Carlos Canales, M.D.

Dr. William ’53 and Ellen Jane Tiblier-Carter ‘53

Stephen Chamberlin

Joe and Margot Coco

Troy L. Creamean

Richard and Mary Ann Chilen Davis ’57

The Escobedo Family

John and Patti Flood

The Gonzalez Family:

      Dr. Grace Gonzalez Glenn ‘62

      Dr. Adela Gonzalez, PhD., MPA ‘56

      Dr. Anna Marie Gonzalez-Sorensen, PhD ‘57

Maxine Fergerson Grubbs

IWA Booster Club

IWA Middle Level PTO

Aloysia LeMaire ‘71

Mary Elizabeth LeMaire

Tom and Carol Losier

Nan McGloin

Joe Metz

Mary Martin Meyer ‘55

Mary Nicholas Morgan ‘70

Jeanette Flusche Mullenix ‘54

Pam and Joe Nemec, CCCA ‘61

Dennis and Marie Nicholas

Monica O’Neill

E.R. and Janice Phillips ‘55

The Rivers Family:

      Mary Catherine Pennington ’50, Joe, CCCA ’50, Henry, CCCA ’53 and

      Alex Rivers, CCCA ‘61

Arthur and Lora Roach

Mary Shead Estate

Edward Speed, CCCA ‘66

Ernest Speed, CCCA ‘58

Donald and Susan Milloy Taft '62

Terry and Judy Temple ‘64

Msgr. Alvin Tengler, CCCA ‘42

M. Delia Cortez Tucker

Kay and Ralph West, CCCA ’56

Angelo L. Zanetti

Cliff and Joyce Zarsky