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Alumni Giving

From the moment the doors of Incarnate Word Academy opened, the generosity of others has made an incredible impact on the student and faculty experience. Because IWA has never received school tax or diocesan funding, and because tuition only covers the very basic cost of educating our students, any enhancements to programming, staff, or buildings and equipment at IWA were made possible through philanthropy.

Today’s Annual Fund

Fast forward 150 years and Incarnate Word Academy has developed a comprehensive program to raise the funds necessary to close the “gap” between tuition and the actual cost to educate our students – the Annual Fund.

You Can Pay It Forward

When you attended IWA, even if your family paid full tuition, your tuition gap was subsidized. This support was provided by gifts from generous donors. As a graduate, we call on you to pay it forward by giving a gift to the Annual Fund each year. Making a difference for those who follow behind you is powerful, just like others did for you while you were here.

A Meaningful Way to Recognize Someone Special 

One meaningful way to say thank you is to make your gift to the Annual Fund to express gratitude to someone who made an impact on your Catholic education at IWA – your parents, a Sister, a teacher, a coach or other individual. We call these tribute gifts.    

Reunion Year Gifts

We hope you will give to the Annual Fund every year, however, your reunion year provides an excellent opportunity to support IWA in special way in celebration of your milestone reunion.  In addition to being recognized on our Annual Fund Donors page, your gift will be included in your class total, which is measured in two ways:  total dollars contributed and class participation rate. 

How Much Should I Contribute?

We hope you will consider any amount that feels meaningful to you and your family. All gifts matter and make a difference.

Gifts of $1,000 or more qualify you for membership in the President’s Circle, our Annual Fund giving society. Your gift can be paid in one installment, or can be divided into equal monthly payments.

Easy Monthly Giving Options
(based on 10 months)
$10 / Month = $100 / Year
$25 / Month = $250 / Year
$50 / Month = $500 / Year
$75 / Month = $750 / Year

$100 / Month = $1,000 / Year*

*Qualifies for President’s Circle recognition

How Will I Be Invited to Participate?

Depending on what contact information we have for you, you will receive a letter, email or text message. You can also contact our Development Manager, Emily Tittle, at 361-883-0857, ext. 104 or for more information or simply make your gift online at  

President’s Circle – Annual Fund Recognition Society

President’s Circle is IWA’s Annual Fund Recognition Society; a group of Incarnate Word Academy’s most loyal and generous supporters. Gifts to the Annual Fund of $1,000 or more qualify. President’s Circle donors give us the power to change our community through their passion for giving. They know that the consistency of their leadership is a commitment to excellence at Incarnate Word Academy.

President’s Circle Guardian Angel

For classes who have been out nine (9) years or less, we have a special program that allows President’s Circle recognition status at a lower level of giving. Guardian Angel members receive full President’s Circle benefits.

President’s Circle Guardian Angel 
($100 per year since graduation for classes out 9 years or less)
2013 $900 / $90 per month for 10 months
2014 $800 / $80 per month for 10 months
2015 $700 / $70 per month for 10 months
2016 $600 / $60 per month for 10 months


$500 / $50 per month for 10 months
2018 $400 / $40 per month for 10 months
2019 $300 / $30 per month for 10 months
2020 $200 / $20 per month for 10 months
2021 $100 / $10 per month for 10 months