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2023 Honorees

The Rumley Family

(Left to right:  Zachary Rumley ’19, Vicky Rumley, Henry Rumley, Bert Rumley, Jack Rumley, Sherry Rumley and David Rumley and not pictured but always remembered, our forever Angel, Oliver Rumley+)

Our 2023 honorees are the Rumley Family.  And when we say Rumley family, we mean the entire family – IWA Parents of Alumni, Sherry and David Rumley, David’s parents, Vicky and Bert Rumley, Zachary Rumley ’19, Jack Rumley, Henry Rumley, and our forever angel Oliver Rumley who is memorialized in the Rosary Garden.

The Rumley’s moved to Colorado this year and we miss them terribly, but know that they are excited to be back in Colorado with family.

The Rumley family was involved in so many things at IWA.

Sherry served multiple years as room parent, and president of the EL, ML and HS level PTO’s.  She and David were active Booster Club members and Gala Committee members, and even served as Gala Co-Chairs in 2018. David also coordinated the Catholic Classic – IWA vs. JPII baseball game.  Volunteering and playing active roles at IWA was a family affair that included Sherry and David, Vicky and Bert and the kids. Years ago, Sherry was even involved with the creation of the school’s logo when she worked at Morehead Dotts and LaPorte.

Sherry and David have a giving history of 23 years with IWA, that includes being past members of the President’s Circle and permanent members of the Living Stones Building the Mission Recognition Society, currently att the Cornerstones level. 

Vicky and Bert have also given generously to the school.

We have much to thank them for and are excited that they will join us at Gala to be honored.