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President's Circle

President's Circle

President’s Circle is IWA’s Annual Fund Recognition Society; a group of Incarnate Word Academy’s most loyal and generous supporters. Gifts to the Annual Fund of $1,000 or more qualify. President’s Circle donors give us the power to change our community through their passion for giving. They know that the consistency of their leadership is a commitment to excellence at Incarnate Word Academy.

Thank you to our 2022 - 2023 President's Circle Members

Platinum Archangel $15,000+

Mr. and Mrs. Jaime O. Aleman
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Bottom
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Gough - In honor of Bobby and Donna Gough
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hilliard

Silver Archangel $5,000-$9,999

Ms. Jana Bickham
Brendan and Martha Ocker Gau '92
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Casper Wenzel - In honor of Casper Wenzel

Bronze Archangel $2,500-$4,999

Warner and Diane Shackelford Davis '60
Mr. and Mrs. Theron Stubbs

Archangel $1,000-$2,499

Mr. and Mrs. Abel Adamez
Mrs. Jean Albright
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell J. Atkins
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bagala
Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Balboa
Kenneth G. Bath '78
Dr. and Mrs. Drake Beauchamp - In honor of Nancy Beauchamp
Mr. Robert P. Bordenet
Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Braugh, Jr. - In honor of Chrissy Braugh
Mr. Thomas E. Buckner
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Burke
Mrs. Clare P. Canterbury
John Murray and Christine Canterbury Murray '84
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Juan R. Cortez
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Crane
Mr. and Mrs. Allen G. Daehne
Mr. and Mrs. Allen G. Daehne
Mrs. Diane DeCou
Danny, CCCA '72 and Deborah Kureska Diegel '72
Mr. and Mrs. Lance G. Duke
Mr. Pod Oliesqui Estevez Davila and Dr. Yasmin Lopez-Sanchez
Ms. Oralia Everett
Henry F. Fey, CCCA '56
Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Garcia
Dr. Belinda Gonzalez
Dr. and Dr. Demetrio Gonzalez
Ms. Sammie H. Grunwald
Mrs. Gloria Hicks - In honor of Gloria Hicks
Mrs. Dorothy C. Holland
Mrs. and Mrs. Lisa Hoskins
The Lawhon Family
Charles and Margaret J. Godbout Lewis '69
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Luera
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Matl
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Molly
Dr. Guadalupe Morales
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Olivarez, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Pettus - In honor of Shawn Pettus
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Powers
Judie Horn Pruett '66
Mr. Ron Martinez and Ms. Annie Quysner
Mrs. Dianne Raska - In Memory of Joe Douglas Raska
Mrs. Dianne Raska
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus F. Richards, III
John and Louise McMahon Scanlon '60
Josephine E. Levek Schmidt '61
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm H. Smith, III
Carolyn and Larry J. Snapka '63
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Steen
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Vanexan
Dr. and Mrs. Steven A. Vela
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wagnon
Mr. and Mrs. Derrick J. Waterman
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Yaklin