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Working together we can ensure a sustainable Earth and a sustainable Incarnate Word Academy! 

Our Go Green Program will:

·         Reduce our carbon footprint by 1,090,000 lbs. of CO2 per year. This is equal to planting 28,684 50-year-old oak trees.

·         Reduce our annual electrical consumption at IWA by 750,000 KWH.

·         Save IWA approximately $100,000 per year!!!

To Go Green at Incarnate Word Academy, we need to convert several generations of old thermostats around the campus to an energy-friendly, smart, digital thermostat management system. This will allow us to program and control new thermostats from a central location, and schedule temperature control based on the needs of the particular room.

Please donate to the Go Green Campaign so we have the funds needed to purchase the energy-saving system.  We cannot do it without you!  

Your name will be listed on our Go Green Digital Wall showing your support of our Go Green Program.

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