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I love creating things and have had wonderful experiences with the 3D printers and IWA students. I would like to have a dedicated time/space for kids that are passionate about that to explore their interests. I'm excited to learn about other platforms/technologies and create in other digital media as well. Robert Boostrom, Club Sponsor

Club Sponsor: Robert Boostrom

To be determined

Meeting Time:
Biweekly after school

The goal of Digital Design Club is to teach our students design, creation, and engineering skills and show them what they can create in the world of technology and design.

Students have been excited about our 3D printing lessons and have had opportunities this past year to master new technologies. We want to keep that momentum and explore 3D modeling for printing, digital photography, Cricut, and so on. Perhaps even learning a program like Photoshop or delving into robotics/coding if that's where the students are interested in going. It's a Makers Club more than anything.