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Watching the children nurture and care for a garden and teaching them to be good stewards of God's creation is our passion. When we put our hands in the dirt we can feel the heartbeat of the Creator. There is nothing greater than to share the joy and love of all living things with a child. Using the garden as an opportunity to teach children about fresh nutritious food is also a favorite thing of ours.  Working with Ms. Rita and the students is a gift! Rebecca James, Club Sponsor

Club Sponsors:
Rebecca James
Rita Conroy

Angel Garden

Meeting Time:
Twice a month

Our goal is to provide an edible garden experience for our first through fifth grade students. This experience includes creating an environment where our students can experience the natural cycles of plants by nurturing seedlings, cultivating vegetables, and harvesting food and preparing meals, following a "farm to table" philosophy.

We seek to create an environment where students can experience the natural cycles of life (plants, insects and birds) by nurturing, cultivating, harvesting vegetables and preparing meals.

Garden Club activities include the preparation and cultivation of the raised garden beds, growing seedlings, planting, fertilizing and maintaining a garden through it's growing cycle. This also includes, watering and weeding the beds. Last year a composting bin was added to the garden to teach kids how to compost. The students harvest the vegetables and herbs, and we all prepare a meal with our harvest. Some of our students will eat vegetables for the first time during this feast.

Growing flowers for pollinators is also a big part of the Garden Club activities. Students learn how to be good stewards of their environment by growing plants that feed the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. This is also a great way to teach the life cycle and migration of butterflies and hummingbirds.    

Speakers from across the community are invited to talk with students about plants, farming and food. Garden Art is also a big part of the club experience. Art activities are included almost every meeting. Ms. Rita has each child keep a garden journal to record what is planted, it also includes leaf rubbings, a prayer for the garden and all growing things.

This year we are so excited to add hydroponic farming to our activities!