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The overall goal of my 2nd grade class is to be happy, feel successful, follow Jesus, and be that good example for others to see.

Reading is all around us and we strive to become the best readers we can be. Many of the children love the Accelerated Reader Program that motivates them to read and earn points throughout the year.

During the month of October we focus on the saying: "Be a Buddy and not a Bully". The students have participated in the HEB Buddy Anti-Bully Program. Presentations are made and students are given an opportunity be a buddy to others.

Every November, 2nd graders research a "saint". They gather information to share with others and dress like their saint in our annual "All Saint's Day" Mass and School Assembly. 

Class parties are always a fun activity. We celebrate Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. 

The children also complete a project called "My Recipe for Success" before they move onto the next year. Here they present things that they have learned, still are learning and things they want to learn. It's great fun to see all the students' amazing ideas and talents.

Then in May, the students celebrate their First Holy Communion with a Mass and Reception. Here we recognize all the boys and girls who have made the Sacrament of the Eucharist in their home parish.