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My favorite thing about cheer is the excitement the cheerleaders bring to the different events. I admire their dedication and hard work. Seeing the cheerleaders bring smiles to other Angels is very rewarding to see as a coach. I sponsor cheer because of the positivity and school spirit it represents. Liz Vasquez, Club Sponsor

Club Sponsor: Elizabeth Vasquez

Mother Patricia Gunning Gymnasium

Meeting Time:
Mornings and in-class

Our goal in Cheerleading is to cheer on our Angels at games and different events. We show Angel pride in our community throughout the year and spread Angel spirit throughout our Angel Nation. 

We cheer at Angel home games, pep rallies, state send offs, Homecoming, and any events to celebrate our Angels.

We would love to have anyone interested in cheer come and see what we are all about. Don't let inexperience or self doubt keep you from being part of something you love or want to try. Our squad has different levels of experience and will train you, so bring your smiles and spirit and become part of Angel Cheer! GO ANGELS!