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We enjoy seeing our students pursue careers in the medical field and seeing them have a light bulb moment when they figure out which specialty they want to pursue.

Jay Vasquez

Club Sponsor: Jay Vasquez

HS Room 209

Meeting Time:
Thursdays during lunch

The goal of the medical society is to promote students interested in medical careers and show them the options in careers they can choose. Students can learn about all types of medical careers - many have gone to medical school, nursing school, or veterinary school. 

Students of ours who are interested in joining the medical field have important and wonderful goals, like trying to find cures for cancer and other diseases. Our students ask our guest speakers countless questions because they are so interested in finding what they could do in their future. It is also always a joy when former club members come back to speak to the current students about their careers. 

Activities include:

  • Field trips to a conference at Driscoll Children's Hospital
  • Visits with specialists from varying parts of the medical field
  • Shadowing doctors at the Emergency Room in Spohn Shoreline for three shifts
  • Speakers from various specialties come to speak with students about careers they can pursue in the medical field