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My favorite things about this club are that it pushes students to perform outside of their comfort zone, to discover the potential within them, and to master the art of soft skills. It tests students' presentation skills, charisma, confidence, poise under pressure, learn to interact with others, and think on their feet as they compete with students from all over the world. This competition teaches students to be professional and put their best foot forward. 

Marci Levings, ML Principal and Angel Shake Sponsor

Club Sponsor: Marci Levings

Angel Avenue, DC, or available classroom

Meeting Time:
Leading up to the competition and weekly during the competition

The Amazing Shake National Competition is a competition that places an emphasis on teaching students manners, discipline, respect, and professional conduct. Prior to the competition, students learn the nuances of professional human interaction as they are taught skills such as how to give a proper handshake, how to work a room, how to give a successful interview, and how to remain composed under pressure. 

The goal is to prepare students so that they are able to present themselves exceptionally well for opportunities today as well as those that will come in the future.

Students who participate in the IWA competition will practice the following interpersonal skills: 

  • Handshake Firmness and Eye Contact
  • Social Grace (manners and etiquette) 
  • Poise Engagement (presence, poise, engagement) and confidence
  • Je ne sais quoi (an indefinable quality that makes something distinctive or attractive), presence, and memorability
  • Poise under Pressure (including remembering names and information)
  • Charisma (including a sense of humor)