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My favorite things about this club is that it is aligned with the Church's teachings and IWA's Vision and Core Values. Our hope is to educate and engage students in awareness, faith in action through service, and civic engagement and advancement.Marci Levings, ML Principal and Club Sponsor

Club Sponsor: Marci Levings

Middle Level

Meeting Time:
We meet as needed to prepare for Angel Outreach Day of Service

This club is in observance of our Gospel Values and is aligned with the Principles of Incarnate Word Academy and its core value of service.

A couple of years ago, two IWA Middle Level Angels took the lead in developing ideas, brainstorming plans, contacting agencies, and preparing to implement all aspects of a special week that has since evolved into a day for our entire Academy.

One goal of Angel Outreach is to seek commitment from our students to become aware of opportunities where they can join service organizations and render hands-on assistance. Angel Outreach gives our students opportunities to support our school's vision to become an image of Christ within our community, and in response to Pope Francis' call to "spread the Good News of the Gospel.

This club will form students to be productive members of society that are service oriented. Additionally, this connects to our Core Values and offers students an opportunity to grow in their Catholic faith. 

During Angel Outreach, students participate in service projects that glorify the Incarnate Word. Our Angels plan trips to leave campus for half the day to work with our local nonprofit organizations and learn more about the good work being accomplished in and for our community.