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I am humbled by this sharing of our spiritual journeys. It has been at the insistence of the Middle Level students, that the Atrium has been made a part of their religion program.Mary Ellen Galvan, Atrium Instructor

The atrium seeks to provide space and time for students to draw closer to God, to explore their faith and prayer life.

Teacher: Mary Ellen Galvan


Meeting Times:
Once per week during class

Sixth Graders explore the Hebrew Scriptures with several in depth scripture studies, culminating with a field trip to Corpus Christi's syngogue, Beth Israel. They have an opportunity to visit with Rabbi Emmanuel for questions and answers.

Seventh Graders explore the Gospels and plan several scriptural rosaries based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. They are able to pray these rosaries in our beautiful IWA Rosary Garden.

Eighth graders follow the timeline of salvation history with a focus on church history. As they observe God's actions in human history and humanity's responses, they reflect on what God invites them to and what their response will be. In their final semester, they are able to pray with the process of iconography. Eighth graders also serve as Angel Buddies to our IWA primary students. This is a time honored and beloved tradition at IWA.