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I chose to sponsor STEM because I enjoy exposing students to new experiences in math and science and I can bridge the gap by sharing with them things that I have experience with since I enjoy building robots and coding.Robert Orta, Club Sponsor

Club Sponsor: Robert Orta

Middle Level

Meeting Time:
Thursdays after school and Tuesdays during lunch

The goal of STEM Club is to provide opportunities for students to apply Inquiry as an approach to learning. This happens through some of the activities they participate in. 

Students participate in a variety of activities during STEM club. They have been introduced to Python programming where they enter code and then allow their curiosity to change variables in the code to alter the output as they test and their ideas. They have also used Juku learning kit to develop their own games using Scratch programing language. Finally, many students in STEM also participate in the robotics club and build and program robots to compete in the First Lego League Challenge annually.