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Student Council gives the students an opportunity to work together to create a stronger school environment and community. Members learn the value of teamwork, friendship, and will gain the tools needed for people skills and personal development.

Nicole Karbowski, Club Sponsor

Club Sponsor: Nicole Karbowski

ML Room 222

Meeting Time:
Lunch time

The goal of Student Council is to give students the opportunity to engage in various learning activities with in the school and through different community programs. Members will develop strong character, leadership skills, and interpersonal relationships with fellow students, faculty, and members of the community.  

Student council members have the opportunity to become active members in the school community, to built invaluable skills, and pursue personal development of their character and Christian faith. Members can look forward to the participation in building the good of our school and our community.

Activities and events include Homecoming booth, red ribbon week, holiday food drives, Toys for Tots, the talent show, and other activities that would help improve the school and the outside community.