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Mission Team Reflections

Incarnate Word Academy High School Level students look back on how the Mission Team's Holy Week Mission Trip led them to become the difference-makers they are today.

To me, the 2014 Mission Program really helped me evolve in a sense that I became more social with strangers and with my Missions group and I learned how important it was to help people. While I was on the trip I learned that we should not take anything for granted and that I truly am blessed because now I know that there are people less fortunate than I am and that I need to be grateful for the things I have. Overall, Missions has helped me become a more involved person with the community and has also strengthened my relationship with God. I thank God for the opportunity to be part of this amazing program and to share it with incredible people!

— Loren De Leon, Class of 2015

“It was my first mission trip this year and I really loved it. We got to have fun and make memories all while helping people in need and getting closer to God. All the hard work and preparation paid off when we saw how much good we had done in the end. It was a great experience and I will definitely do it again.”

— Ellie Martin, Class of 2016

A very important decision that I decided to go with was joining the Missions program during sophomore year. I think that having that first year is a great initiation into the Incarnate Word family and I was happy to see freshmen join and enter the family at an earlier time. Being in the Missions program has definitely helped me grow in my spirituality and has allowed me to make stronger relationships with my fellow classmates. Because of the meeting and actual trip, one gains a humble heart and is able to sympathize more with other people. Going around the town of Asherton has humbled me because we go there to serve others who need our help and you always see those people trying to lend a helping hand. It really touches you when you see those people trying to help you either by giving you equipment, giving you money, making you food, helping with painting or anything else. I feel that I have grown in a better relationship with the people of Asherton because I was able to relate to what they experience and what they say. My trip has also strengthened my relationships with my friends because that small group number allows you to be able to talk more to each other than you usually would with a group of more than three hundred. And finally, the weekly meetings and the final trip has made my spirituality grow to a greater size. The scripture and reflections from the leaders and the other Missionaries gets you in touch with other opinions and different ways to perceive the scripture that can enliven your spirit. Even though there are hardships every now and then, we are able to conquer them together as a family with Jesus Christ as our leader.

— Christoher Guerra, Class of 2015

This mission trip was unlike any other experience I had previously had. We were able to expand our service by including La Pryor and Batesville, and therefore able to spread God’s message of love, generosity, and service, not only by word of mouth, but through our physical actions. We physically rebuilt parts of homes that were in need of repair, and physically exemplified God within us, especially through the live Stations of the Cross. The mission trip is not only evangelization, just as it is not only repairing homes. Both go hand in hand, and show that there are numerous ways to help one another find Christ. Personally, I was able to learn life skills such as using tools, and life skills of maintaining and living a better faith life. I was able to bond and appreciate every other missionary in my town and have people I can trust and depend on for life.

— Ashley Zawicky, Class of 2014

One of the best decisions I ever made in high school was participating in the Missions Program. I’m not saying that to make it sound good or because someone told me to say that. I’m saying this because I wholeheartedly mean it. Some of my best memories, the kind that stick with you forever, I made on the three trips I went on. Missions is more than serving others in the name of God. It’s making friends with a person I unknowingly would breeze by in the halls. It’s not caring that I don’t have makeup or that my hair is a complete wreck. It’s having the best of fun with the silliest things that cause everyone to laugh so much that their stomachs hurt and tears are welling up in their eyes. Missions was the number one thing I looked forward to every year. Missions makes have a strong faith and the ability to spread it cool. Missions makes waking up at un-Godly times bearable. The trip in itself made sacrificing two hours of my Wednesday every week worth it. The Missions “high” is one of the best feelings I have ever felt. I would just like to thank Sister Rosa for making it all possible.

— Alexandra Gauntt, Class of 2014

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