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The Annual Fund


At Incarnate Word Academy, tuition and fees meet approximately 84% of the School’s core operating expenses. That leaves a significant tuition gap per student. If tuition were increased to the level that covers the actual cost to educate our students each year, the resulting increase would create a financial hardship for most families. 

This is why the Annual Fund is so important.

The Annual Fund bridges the gap between tuition revenues and the actual cost of educating our students. Your gift to the Annual Fund enriches the academic and athletic experience for every student and faculty member on campus.

Annual Fund in Action

Your gifts allow us to:

  • Keep IWA accessible to students in our community.
  • Invest in the exceptional, college preparatory academic and athletic programming and equipment necessary to continue IWA's 146-year tradition of developing exceptional scholars and athletes.
  • Sustain and enhance our campus, making necessary upgrades for energy efficiency and evolving safety standards. 
  • Invest in the latest classroom technology and equipment to ensure that students and faculty have the tools they need to soar.
  • Continue to recruit and retain the highest quality faculty and staff in our community and provide incentives that include professional development and continuing education opportunities.

Annual Fund Appeal

Total Commitments
to Date: $210,986

Goal: $250,000

With your help, we will reach out goal!

This year’s Annual Fund goal is $250,000. We hope you will join us in meeting this challenge by making your gift or pledge to the Annual Fund today at the level that is right for your family. Together we can make a tremendous impact for our students and faculty.

A pledge is an actual commitment. You have the option to pay your pledge in full or make monthly or quarterly payments.

We are deeply grateful for your support!

Unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund reinforce the cornerstone of philanthropy while bridging the gap between tuition and the cost of providing a distinguished education. To be included in this year’s Annual Fund, be sure to make your gift prior to June 30th, the end of our fiscal year.

2017-2018 Annual Fund Contributors

Dr. Jessica I. Acevedo-Gracia and Mr. Jose L. Gracia
Larry and Marie Sikes Adian '72
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Afuso
Mr. Raul Altamirano
Noah A. Alvarado '17
Dr. and Mrs. Allister Arnold
Ms. Rosa M. Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Banks
Mrs. Carla A. Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Barrett
Allison M. Beltran '17
Ms. Catherine M. Berlanga
Arnold and Mary Alice Berlanga Berlanga-Gonzales '58
Dr. Bryce Busenlehner and Ms. Analise Blanchard
Mrs. Chispa Bluntzer
Drs. John Borkowski and Catherine Bussieres Borkowski
Jullian A. Brown '17
Mary C. Buhidar '17
Mr. Robert S. Byrd and Mrs. Helen M. Schneider
Mr. Jacob Canales and Ms. Candace Rodriguez
Ronald C. Canales, Jr. '17
Ms. Amy Snell Canterbury
Mrs. and Mrs. Bobby Carrillo
Christopher and Ashley J. Havens Cartwright '08
Mr. and Mrs. James Cass
Monica M. Castaneda '03
Teresa Castillo '92
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Chamberlin
Mary Kathryn S. Charles '17
Henry and Roseann Reeb Clever '51
Ms. Juanita Contreras
Joseph T. Cook, III '17
Dr. and Mrs. Davin Cordell
Mr. and Mrs. Rito Cristan
Mr. Nasario Cruz III and Dr. Christina G. Cruz
Michael J. Daehne '08
Mr. and Mrs. Celestino Damian
Mr. Jeremy C. Davenport
Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Davis
Hannah E. De Leon '17
Mr. and Mrs. James DeHoyos
Rioke M. Diejomaoh '17
Diocese of Corpus Christi
Mr. and Mrs. Juan M. Dorsett
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eagan
Abigail A. Ehrman '17
Maximiliano D. Elizondo '17
Luz M. Fernandez '17
James G. Fisher, CCCA '53
Judge and Mrs. Patrick L. Flanigan
Abigail M. Floerke '17
FMC Technologies, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Galvan
Dr. and Mrs. Sam Ganz
Mrs. Dottie Garcia
Mrs. Melva Garcia
Ms. Sylvia Garcia
Milan A. Garza '17
Mr. and Mrs. Cesare Giannetti
Ms. Alida E. Gonzalez
Greater Giving
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Green
Miroslava Vallejo Guajardo '70
Ms. Selina R. Guerrero
Ms. Ana Gutierrez and Mr. Enrique Castillo
Dr. and Mrs. Franz Hallermann
Paris E. Hanna '17
Bill and Bernadette Rollins Hardcastle '66
Jessica and Korey Hardeman '99
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Hein
Janet and Duane S. Herbst '81
Carmen Hernandez '71
Dr. and Mrs. Sam S. Hill, III
Ms. LaQuita M. Hilzinger
Narciso and Bertha Saenz Hinojosa '62
Mrs. Louise Hobbs
Maggie R. Hoffman '17
Molly A. Hoffman '17
Dr. and Mrs. Juan C. Huerta
Jerry and Kathryn Havelka Hunt '71
Incarnate Word Academy Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jason James
Bob and Millie Sheppard Jones '51
Dr. Joy E. Kairies
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kasner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kern
Meredith R. Kirkland '17
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Kiss
Kenny and Amy Taft Koch '87
Mr. and Mrs. Amit K. Kulshrestha
Margie Nemec Kureska '48
Ms. Michelle A. LaPeer-Donnelly
Mr. and Mrs. David Ledesma
Nicholas B. Lee '17
Lupita K. Leon '17
Ann and Michael Lippincott '81
Paige M. Lippincott '17
Ms. Deborah Lopez
Lt. Cmdr. and Mrs. Matthew Maher
Caitlyn N. Martinez '17
Evelyn Sablatura Martini '47
Mr. Jason Masur and Mrs. Marisa A. Telge-Masur
Mary E. Matl '17
Mrs. Shirley Matula
Olivia C. McClanahan '17
Pablo A. Mendizabal '16
Barbara and Wallace A. Mikulik, CCCA '49
Sylvia Mir '69
Shauna Montez '97
Bobby Raymon Moore '14
Mr. Christian Moore and Mrs. Victoria Hernandez
Mrs. Georgina Mortera and Mr. Vincent P. Maltais
Mr. and Mrs. Romeo Munguia
Debbie and Chris L. Nicholson '80
Mr. Phillip E. Nicholson
Juan and Louise (Bunny) Cline O'Callahan '58
Mrs. Carolyn Orgill
Mr. and Mrs. Felix Ovalle
Ms. Casey D. Parlamas
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Parra
Eileen A. Paulson '17
Mr. and Mrs. Angel Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Severo Perez
Donald and Cecile Hendricks Pesek '76
Dr. Ayezel M. Munoz Gonzalez and Dr. Juan M. Pinto Cuberos
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Plemons
Andrea E. Puyol '16
Mr. Randy L. Ramon
Julio R. Ramos, II '17
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Richardson
Joseph and Delia M. Garcia Ritch '91
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Ritchie
Mr. Chris R. Roel and Mrs. Crystal A. Trevino
Bradley T. Rossiter '17
Dr. and Mrs. Jose A. Rubio
Marcos A. Ruiz '17
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ruiz
Shelby L. Saenz '17
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Salazar
Norma Gutierrez San Miguel '61
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto H. Santillan
Mr. Richard Schacht and Dr. Kimberly Maroney
Catherine G. Schultz '17
Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Sico
Daniel P. and Karon W. Walker Siewiorek '59
Janet E. Sikes '71
Jurnee A. Simpson '17
James L. and Malvina B. Knapek Slovak '52
Mr. David Sonka and Mrs. Millie Macossay
Martha Jo Southernwood '53
Mrs. Carole Speights
Mrs. Julie Stark
Mr. Patrick Stark
Sheridan A. Steen '17
Strake Foundation
Marcos Tapia '17
Lt. Cmdr. and Mrs. Troy Teasdale
William G. Teichman, IV '17
Bradley D. Thering '17
Madeline J. Thompson '17
Mary Lee Cox Thompson '64
Mr. and Mrs. Armando Torralva
Chief and Mrs. Joe Torres
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Trammell
Mr. and Ms. Joel Valdez
Ms. Sheila Walker
Jackson B. Wallace '17
Claire I. Walsh '17
Mr. and Mrs. Greg A. Ward
Kenneth and Cornelia Connelly Watson '65
Michelle S. Watts '17
Elizabeth C. Webster '17
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Whitbeck
Ms. Kenyetta Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wood
Mrs. Mercy Woolvin
Richard and Elsie L. Brown Zarnowitz '41
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Zepeda

Revised 1-29-18

President's Circle

Through annual commitments of $1,000 and above to the Annual Fund, members of the President’s Circle set the standard for giving at Incarnate Word Academy. President's Circle members give us the power to change our community through their passion for giving. These values are at the core of what it means to be a member of the President’s Circle. Members know that the consistency of their leadership is a commitment to excellence at Incarnate Word Academy.

Annual Membership

President’s Circle Members make an annual unrestricted gift of $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund. Membership may be held by an individual, jointly by a couple, or by a foundation or corporation. Corporate matching gift programs may be used to qualify for membership. Membership period is from July 1st to June 30th each year.

Reena Bell and Cody Bell
2017-2018 President's Circle Co-Chairs

Membership Levels

  • Platinum Archangel $15,000
  • Golden Archangel $10,000-$14,999
  • Silver Archangel $5,000-$9,999
  • Bronze Archangel $2,500-$4,999
  • Archangel $1,000-$2,499
  • Guardian Angel $100 per year since graduation
    (for classes out 9 years or less)

2017-2018 President's Circle Contributors

David and Ann Skrobarczyk Adams '73
Mr. and Mrs. Travis W. Albrecht
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell J. Atkins
Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Balboa
Kenneth G. Bath '78
Dr. and Mrs. Drake Beauchamp
Mr. and Mrs. Cody N. Bell
Pat Megerle Booth '49
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Bottom
Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Braugh, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Luis M. Cadena
John Murray and Christine L. Canterbury '84
Mr. Thomas L. Carlisle
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Carrell
Mr. and Mrs. Barry K. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Coco
Mrs. and Mrs. Juan R. Cortez
Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Allen G. Daehne
Mr. and Mrs. Gasper C. D'Anna
Warner and Diane Shackelford Davis '60
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Decou
Dr. and Mrs. Miguel A. DeLeon
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Devlin
Danny, CCCA '72 and Deborah Kureska Diegel '72
Amy and Timothy J. Ehrman '86
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Elliott
Mrs. Oralia Everett
Dr. and Mrs. Jaime E. Fergie
Henry F. Fey, CCCA '56
Dr. and Mrs. Max Rony Francois
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Fulton
Jimmy Akers and Cecilia Garcia-Akers '70
Dr. Brenda Gardner
Brendan and Martha Ocker Gau '92
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Gough
Ms. Sammie H. Grunwald
Mr. and Mrs. Casey E. Hannigan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Heilman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hilliard
Mr. and Mrs. E. Douglas Johnson, Jr.
Mary Ann Kelly '72
Captain and Mrs. Alex Kirkland
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kutz
Mr. and Mrs. Dean I. Lawry
Dr. and Mrs. Paxton J. Longwell
Anderson '95 and Megan Price McKee '95
Mr. Ralph Meyer and Dr. Pamela Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Montaño
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby R. Moore, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Moore
Dr. Guadalupe Morales
Mr. and Mrs. Bart T. Nelms
Mr. Richard A. O'Daniell and Dr. Estela M. O'Daniell
Kyle Parks '97
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Pettus
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McCabe
Mrs. Dianne Raska
Mrs. Sylvia A. Reta
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Reyes
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Rumley
John and Louise McMahon Scanlon '60
Josephine E. Levek Schmidt '61
Mr. and Mrs. Kim R. Sheets
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Skrobarczyk, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Stone
David and Mona Barrientes Tehle '78
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro V. Trevino
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Tschickardt
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Tyree
Dr. and Mrs. Steven A. Vela
Mr. and Mrs. Casper Wenzel
Mr. and Mrs. James Wesselski
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Whitford
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Yeager

Revised 1-29-18

Incarnate Word Academy is a qualified nonprofit under IRS code 501(c) (3).  We appreciate and need the generosity of our donors to support our Annual Fund. Your gift is greatly appreciated!

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