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Annual Fund

Annual Fund Appeal

Total commitments to date: 

Goal: $275,000

What is the Annual Fund Appeal

and Why Should I Support It?

The Annual Fund Appeal supports the Educational Initiatives Fund and provides funding for critical tuition assistance, enriched academic and athletic programs, and needed improvements to the campus. Your gift to the Annual Fund Appeal supplies the necessary dollars that bridge the gap between tuition revenues and the actual cost to educate our students.

Ways to support the Annual Fund Appeal

The yearly Annual Fund Appeal runs from July 1st to June 30th. Gifts can be given as a one-time contribution or as a commitment with suitable installments before June 30th.

Make it a Match

Many employers and parent companies will match your contribution. If you and/or your spouse work for a matching gift company, please check with your company’s Human Resources Department for additional details. This is a great opportunity to increase your support to Incarnate Word Academy and maximize your gift.

The Difference Your Gift Makes

Gifts to the Annual Fund Appeal provide unrestricted budgetary support in areas such as:

  • Facility enhancements

  • The Educational Initiatives Fund

    • Technology enhancements and educational innovations

    • Ongoing funds for:

      • Library Media Resource Center enhancements

      • In-Service training and continuing education, resources, and teacher materials

      • Faculty incentives, and end-of-the-year bonuses

      • Academics Program

      • Athletics Program

  On-going support for need-based tuition assistance

How can I give to the Annual Fund Appeal?

The yearly Annual Fund Appeal runs from July 1st to June 30th. Gifts can be made through a variety of methods including: direct mail, phone, or electronic media. Gifts can be given as a one-time contribution or as a pledge commitment with suitable installment payments before June 30th.

President's Circle

Melanie Villarreal Jennings '96
and Gary Jennings

2016-2017 President’s Circle Co-Chairs

Through annual commitments beginning at $1,000, members of the President’s Circle set the standard for giving at Incarnate Word Academy. 

Our President’s Circle members know that the consistency of their leadership is a commitment to excellence at Incarnate Word Academy.

Click below to view our President's Circle and Annual Fund contributors:

2016-2017 President's Circle Contributors

David and Ann Skrobarczyk Adams '73
Dr. Javier Alonso and Mrs. Michelle Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell J. Atkins
Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Balboa
Mr. Christopher Bandas
Dr. and Mrs. Drake Beauchamp
Mr. and Mrs. Cody N. Bell
Pat Megerle Booth '49
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Bottom
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Braman
Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Braugh, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Luis M. Cadena
Christine L. Canterbury '84
Mr. Thomas L. Carlisle
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Carrell
Mr. and Mrs. Barry K. Clark
Joe Coco and Margot Ortega-Coco
Mr. and Mrs. Juan R. Cortez
Dr. and Mrs. Mance A. Cutbirth
Mr. and Mrs. Allen G. Daehne
Mr. and Mrs. Gasper C. D'Anna, Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. Miguel A. DeLeon
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Devlin
Danny, CCCA '72 and Deborah Kureska Diegel '72
Mr. and Mrs. Lance G. Duke
Amy and Timothy J. Ehrman '86
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Elliott
Dr. and Mrs. Jaime E. Fergie
Lt. Colonel Henry F. Fey, CCCA '56
Mr. Bart Floerke
Dr. and Mrs. Max Rony Francois
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Fulton
Jimmy Akers and Cecilia Garcia-Akers '70
Dr. Brenda Gardner
Brendan and Martha Ocker Gau '92
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Gough
Ms. Sammie H. Grunwald
Mr. and Mrs. Casey E. Hannigan
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hilliard
Patrick and Kathleen Kelly Horne '73
Gary and Melanie Villarreal Jennings '96
Mr. and Mrs. E. Douglas Johnson, Jr.
Janice and J. Fred Johnson, CCCA '64
Mary Ann Kelly '72
Captain and Mrs. Alex Kirkland
Kenny and Kenneth & Amy Taft Koch '87
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kutz
Mr. and Mrs. Dean I. Lawry
Dr. and Mrs. Paxton J. Longwell
Mr. Ralph F. Meyer and Dr. Pamela S. Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Moore
George Anne Hubert Muckleroy '55
Mr. Phillip E. Nicholson
Kyle Parks '97
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby R. Moore, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Pettus
Mr. Julio Ramos and Mrs. Priscilla Ramos
Mrs. Dianne Raska
Mrs. Sylvia A. Reta
Cy and DeeDee Richards
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Rumley
Diane Shackelford Sanders '60
John and Louise McMahon Scanlon '60
Josephine E. Levek Schmidt '61
Mr. and Mrs. Kim R. Sheets
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Skrobarczyk, Sr.
David and Mona Barrientes Tehle '78
Ryan and Holly M. Cady Thomas '98
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Thomas
Mr. and Mr. Pedro V. Trevino
Dr. and Mrs. Steven A. Vela
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Velleman
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Whitford

Revised 04-11-17

2016-2017 Annual Fund Contributors

Lt. Cmdr. and Mrs. Roger A. Abrajano
Emily A. Adams '16
Larry and Marie Sikes Adian '72
Dr. and Mrs. Sanjay Agarwal
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Alexander
Dana G. Alonso-Bauer '16
Brad C. and Victoria M. Morrison Anderson '88
Jack and Alma Saavedra Anzaldua '66
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barnett
Mr. Richard K. Barrera and Mrs. Candace Bell-Barrera
Francesca J. Bendas '16
Reema P. Bhakta '16
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Biggins
Mrs. Chispa Bluntzer
Mr. Paul E. Walton and Mrs. Sarah Brem Walton
Mr. and Mrs. Allen R. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Osvaldo Brusco
Mr. Robert S. Byrd and Mrs. Helen M. Schneider
Mrs. Sherilyn Calhoun
Brandon N. Camacho '16
Ms. Amy Snell Canterbury
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Canterbury, III
Canterbury Design and Construction
Mrs. Hilda Cantu
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Chamberlin
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Chatelain
Mrs. and Mrs. Barbara Chimbunde
Jenna N. Clark '16
Henry and Roseann Reeb Clever '51
Avery K. Cohen '16
Erin R. Cohen '16
Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. Cook
Steven P. Coutin '16
Amber L. Cox '16
Kristen N. Creamean '16
Jian H. Cruz '16
Mr. and Mrs. Allen G. Daehne
Helena Daubourg '16
Mr. and Mrs. James DeHoyos
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Dobson
Sister Eileen M. Doherty, SOLT and Sister Patricia A. Burns, SOLT
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Domingue
Mr. Michael Dominguez and Ms. Julia L. Montez
Mr. William Elena Fuentes and Mrs. Sandra Avalos
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Ellison
Mrs. Oralia Everett
Leslie E. Fagan '16
Mrs. Teresa Flores
FMC Technologies, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronny L. Fritz, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. James Fulton
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Galvan
Mrs. Dottie Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Reynaldo Garcia
Ms. Kelly D. Garcia
Laura C. Garcia '16
Mrs. Melva Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Reynaldo Garcia
Hunter R. Garza '16
Ms. Maria H. Gauntt
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Gonzales
Arnold and Mary Alice Berlanga Gonzales '58
Miroslava Vallejo Guajardo '70
Hugo E. Guido '89
Justine M. Guzman '16
Taylor A. Guzman '16
Hannah E. Hall '16
Dr. and Mrs. Franz Hallermann
Mrs. Emma L. Harney
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Hein
Janet and Duane S. Herbst '81
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Hernandez
Carmen Hernandez '71
Cesar Hernandez '16
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hernandez
Mr. Luis F. Hernandez and Mrs. Veronica I. Leon
Mr. Ronnie Heslip
Dr. and Mrs. Sam S. Hill, III
Ms. LaQuita M. Hilzinger
Narciso and Bertha Saenz Hinojosa '62
Gabriel B. Hinojosa '16
Mrs. Louise Hobbs
Charles and Cecilia Scecina Hoelscher '54
Mamiko Hosoe '16
Dr. Pat O. Hudson
Dr. and Mrs. Carlos C. Huerta
Jerry and Kathryn Havelka Hunt '71
Incarnate Word Academy Foundation
Bob and Millie Sheppard Jones '51
Bella Kim '16
Frank and Martha Ann Scecina Kolda '48
Lisa Hammonds Landers '82
Edward Hicks Layton '16
William Charles Layton '16
Jennifer and Monty Lee
Ms. Virginia Linn
Cecil and Lucille Prado Lira '57
Thomas N. Loeffler '16
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Lohmeier
Foy and Mary Jo Wagner Magee '59
William and Judith Bluntzer Malone '58
Sara and David F. Martineau, CCCA '55
Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo Martinez
Evelyn Sablatura Martini '47
Isabella D. McCabe '16
Mark Anthony McCracken '16
Mrs. Susan J. McCrone
Stephen T. McCullough '16
Dr. Fredrick J. McCutchon
Karina M. Melchor '16
Pablo A. Mendizabal '16
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miller
Lillie G. Mills '16
Juan and Irma Baca Mireles '82
Mrs. Darla K. Montano
Andrew H. Montgomery '16
Ms. Carrie M. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Hadi M. Mostaghasi
Mr. and Mrs. Romeo Munguia
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge A. Munoz
Fred J. Nemec, CCCA '58
Debbie and Chris L. Nicholson '80
William Anthony Nicholson '16
Juan and Louise (Bunny) Cline O'Callahan '58
O'Connor and Hewitt Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Orgill
Mrs. Trisha Osborne-Kay
Thalia S. Parizot '16
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Paulson
Lorie Kingsbury Peetz '83
Kate E. Pekar '16
Mr. and Mrs. Andres Pena
Mrs. Ashley N. Pettus
William J. and Mary A. Majek Pittaway '73
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Owen J. Puno
Andrea E. Puyol '16
Mrs. Yeshabet Quezada Adriaensens
Draven Joey Reyes '16
Charles and Nicole A. Nelson Riddle, LEED, AP '03
Sarah K. Rosales '16
Mr. Raul Rosas
Mr. and Mrs. Eligio E. Saenz
Mr. and Mrs. Luciano Salazar
Norma Gutierrez San Miguel '61
Megan N. Santillan '16
Diane G. Schonefeld Scanlan '62
Daniel P. and Karon W. Walker Siewiorek '59
Mr. Emmanuel Siguenza
Janet E. Sikes '71
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun S. Skipper
James L. and Malvina B. Knapek Slovak '52
Mr. Alfred, CCCA '65 and Lucille Snapka
Mr. David Sonka and Mrs. Millie Macossay
Martha Jo Southernwood '53
Mr. Patrick Stark
Strake Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Thomas
Mary Lee Cox Thompson '64
Jo Ann Blaschke Thornton '59
Major and Mrs. Brent A. Thorud
Mr. and Mrs. Armando Torralva
Chief and Mrs. Joe Torres
Mr. and Mrs. Jose F. Torres, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Genaro E. Trevino
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua J. Turvey
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Tyree
Mr. Joseph R. Vallone
Gabriella O. Vargas '16
Alexsander Villagomez '16
Mr. Hoang H. Vu and Mrs. Hoe T. Chu
Mr. and Mrs. Greg A. Ward
Kenneth and Cornelia Connelly Watson '65
Nancy C. Wesson-Dodd '67
Wyatt Whitworth, Jr., CCCA '56
Dr. and Mrs. David Wilson
Jennette Wilson Wilson Amos '01
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Yeager
The Honorable Ben Zaragosa
Richard and Elsie L. Brown Zarnowitz '41

Revised 03-27-17

We invite you to contact the Advancement Office
at 361-883-8229 for more information about how you can help
support the Mission of Incarnate Word Academy.

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