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Incarnate Word Academy is committed to maintaining an atmosphere that is free from violence, intimidation, and social pressure, where faculty, staff, parents, and students can together comfortably form community, express their best selves, and be affirmed in the dignity of each person as a child of a loving God. Incarnate Word Academy does not condone any form of bullying, violence, or intimidation occurring between a member of the school community during the school day, outside the school, or at school-sponsored events. Such conduct over a period of time is demeaning, undermining, and damaging to the social and emotional well-being of each member of the school community, interfering with a student’s education. Likewise, the school does not condone bullying or intimidating, overtly or subtly (in person or via electronic or other means) by any student, parent, or employee.

Incarnate Word Academy endeavors to partner with students, parents, staff, and the school community in:

  1. Providing ways for students and bystanders to discuss their concerns, confidentially.
  2. Teaching victims of bullies to challenge bullying through a variety of techniques (beyond “ignoring”).
  3. Providing bullies with socially appropriate ways to seek attention, power, or whatever motivates their behavior.
  4. Celebrating and communicating school and student success in forming a tolerant, compassionate school community where dignity is reverenced and celebrated.

Incarnate Word Academy considers acts of intimidation or bullying to be contrary to the Church’s teaching on the dignity of the human person. Consequently, the school will investigate all complaints promptly. Where acts of intimidation and bullying are found to be a pattern of behavior, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken up to and including warnings, parent conferences, referral for counseling, suspension, or expulsion.

A reporting system has been created to appropriately identify, report, investigate, and respond to situations of bullying and harassment.


Complete the form below to submit an incident report.


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